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Welcome to the University’s Discounted Staff Travel Page



You will find various means of travel on offer to all University staff that presently hold a current contract even if it's fixed.

We can offer these discounts firstly because the University generously pays the full cost of the annual ticket on your behalf and also by negotiating with the various travel companies.  

Monthly deductions from your salary are available as well as the option to pay the full amount. In the event you may leave the university the full amount owing will be deducted from your final salary unless notification has been received.

Should you lose your annual ticket contact us as soon as possible and we will obtain a replacement for you.

Please note we only offer Network one tickets once a year with the next start date being 30 March 2018

Our current deadlines for other schemes are as follows:

Start Date Deadline for Applications
1 February 8 January 2017
1 March 5 February 2017
1 April 4 March 2017
1 May 8 April 2017
1 June 6 May 2017
1 July 3 June 2017
1 August 8 July 2017
1 September 5 August 2017
1 October 9 September 2017
1 November 7 October 2017
1 December 4 November 2017
1 January 2 December 2017
1 February 6 January 2018

To promote the use of public transport staff are offered a number of discounted travel options:

For further information please contact our helpdesk on 0191 2087171 or email us