Image of the new Students and Academic Services Building

The Estate Strategy was reviewed in 2013. Key metrics and the estate development options plan were updated in the light of new information and opportunities. Our estate strategic objectives are to facilitate academic priorities and:

  • Improve the condition and functional suitability of our buildings
  • Implement the Coherent Campus initiative
  • Ensure effective utilisation of space and improve the net:gross space ratio
  • Deliver ‘full life cycle’ value for money on all major projects  

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) monitors our estate and environmental sustainability performance across the following area benchmarked against other institutions:

  • Condition and functional Suitability
  • Space efficiency
  • Carbon reduction
  • Environmental performance
  • Affordability
  • Investment levels

Since 2000, we have made substantial improvements in key estate metrics and in 2011 we were selected as an exemplar case study by the UK Funding Councils for our outstanding progress. In 2000, only 34% of floor space was in functional suitability grades 1 & 2, this was 82% in 2011-12 (provisional Estate Management Record figure), the amount of floor space in condition categories A & B improved from 74% to 89% in 2011-12 (provisional EMD), we tripled the amount of floor space occupied by third parties (ca 28,000m2) and recycle over 90% of our waste (17% in 2007).

Key aspects of strategic investment include our Coherent Campus initiative to improve the external look and feel of the campus and create a distinctive welcoming and accessible environment for students, staff, and visitors alike, continuing focus on environmental sustainability and floor space reduction as well as specific development and refurbishment projects. 

Estate investment supports an excellent student experience in quality teaching, learning and social facilities with student representatives involved in projects and good feedback in national and international student surveys .

This progress was recognised by the Times Higher Award for the Outstanding Estate Team in 2011.