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Military, War and Security Research Group

PAUL NASH exhibition visit

Date/Time: 15 December 2017; 14.00

Venue: Meet at Laing Art Gallery

The Military, War and Security Research Group brings together researchers from HaSS who study military, war and security from social science and humanities perspectives. Our approaches are diverse, ranging from historical, literary and cultural studies, to arts practice in drawing and film, to legal, sociological and political analyses of military and state security activities at national and international scales. We consider militaries in terms of the ancient, the historical, the contemporary and the future. Our topics of focus are diverse, but all speak directly to military, war and security phenomena.

To promote discussion and collaboration we are organising expeditions to places and events that embody the research groups central interest. We welcome anyone with an interest in military war and security issues, or who would like participate in engaging interdisciplinary activities away from the day-to-day academic environment. Paul Nash (1889 –1946) was one of the most distinctive British artists of the 20th century and was a key figure in British Surrealism. His art forged an important new connection between surreal and mystical ideas and the English landscape, which were also informed by his experiences as an officer in the Artists Rifles regiment based in Ypres during World War I. The visit will be followed by a Christmas drink and chat at Tyneside Cinema. Exhibition £10 entrance fee will be covered by MWSRG