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Co-sponsored by Jubilee Debt Campaign, People & Planet, Friends of the Earth and WDM


Guest of Honour, HE Maria Beatriz Souviron-Crespo, the Bolivian Ambassador;


Speakers, Md Shamsuddoha from Equity Bangladesh; Nick Dearden, Director Jubilee Debt Campaign UK

Date: 16th November 2009

Time: 18:00

Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building (opposite Haymarket Metro)


We believe that rich countries owe a 'climate debt' to the global south.

The climate crisis has been caused by the rich industrialised countries, but it is the world's poorer majority who are paying the highest price, as extreme weather events become more common, freshwater glaciers melt, and droughts increase.

In the run up to the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December,  developing countries are increasingly concerned about pressure to accepting  emissions curbs and cuts, whilst rich countries continue to shirk necessary cuts themselves. At the same time, the possibility that promised funding for poor countries will come in the form of massive new loans, overseen by the World Bank - the largest multilateral lender for fossil fuel projects in the world – is also causing alarm.

Our speakers from around the world will provide their distinctive perspective and explain why we need a global climate agreement which is not only effective but also delivers economic justice for the global south."