Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Staff Profile

Jack Wigham

Flow Cytometry Technician


Current appointment - Flow Cytometry Technician

I provide support and training across all of our systems to new users. I perform and advise on cell sorting. I also assist with experimental set up for multi-parameter flow cytometry and mass cytometry. I offer a custom conjugation service specifically for antibodies used in mass cytometry.

Qualifications- BSc Biomedical Science - Northumbria University


I have been successfully working on conjugating antibodies with cytof-detectable metals for both suspension and imaging mass cytometry (Helios and Hyperion respectively).  This has been in collaboration with the group of Sir Professor Doug Turnbull and the Wellcome Trust Mitochondrial Centre.  I have also been conjugating and validating antibodies for a number of other projects.  I have a keen interest in Mass Cytometry, both suspension (non-imaging) and tissue-based (imaging).