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Welcome to Newcastle University's Research Centre in Film and Digital Media.


International Conference held at Culture Lab, 12-14 June, 2013

The international conference Star Studies Revisited aimed to reassess some of the dominant models in star studies, and to generate new critical paradigms to address both Hollywood and non-Hollywood stardom. We welcomed over 70 delegates from 12 different countries, including keynote speakers Yingjin Zhang, Neepa Majumdar and Stephanie Dennison. The conference also included a keynote panel showcasing the new British Film Institute book series on film stars. A wide range of papers addressed stardom in diverse cultures including Bollywood, East Asia, Europe, Latin America and Hollywood. Particular themes developed at the conference included star voices, transnational stars, performance, ethnicity and ageing, we hope to publish a collection to showcase the innovative approaches developed at the conference. Read review of conference in NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies.

Participant feedback: "The absolute best conference I have ever been to. Inspiring and thought provoking, all relevant papers, some great work being done, wonderful atmosphere, well organised, great venue, and a bunch of nice people doing exciting presentations. I loved the conference!"; “This has been a terrific conference! Feels like an important era in star studies"; "It was one of the most enjoyable conferences I've experienced. There was a great, collegiate atmosphere for the whole three days and so many wonderful papers. I do hope there will be a second one."; "This conference has inspired me on so many levels that I will benefit from it for a long time."
Revisiting Star Studies conference


The Research Centre for Film and Digital Media has collaborated with Veto Films with a film making workshop on the theme of HOME to help nurture local young talent. Three short films have been produced by the young people themselves on the theme of 'Home' (such as HOMELESS) and their work is being screened at various venues across the city, both indoor and outdoor.

'Mongrel' a short film about discovering who you really are, written shot and directed by young people from Newcastle in collaboration with the Research Centre in Film and Digital Media and Bridge + Tunnel Voices, funded by the ESRC festival of Social Science 2011.


Beijing Film Festival Poster

In November 2012 we hosted the BEIJING INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL UK TOUR. BIFF is one of the most influential independent film festivals in China and this is the first time it came to the UK. Four award-winning documentary films shown in this tour, Shattered (Xu Tong 2011), The Cold Winter (Zheng Kuo 2011), The Next Life (Fan Jian 2011) and Beijing Besieged by Waste (Wang Jiuliang 2011), made by leading Chinese independent directors, offer a realistic portrayal of contemporary Chinese society. Three of the films were UK premieres, the festival also included a post screening Q and A with director Zheng Kuo (via Skype).

Looking to the future, the Centre will be programming screenings, workshops, and talks, showcasing university staff and students' own work in film and digital media, but also collaborating with partners such as the Tyneside Cinema, Side, the Star and Shadow, local film production companies and the BBC, as well as with international partners from further afield. All to help develop Newcastle's status as a brilliant city for film, and to further research into the moving image.