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About us

Our staff and research students come from the Schools of Arts and Cultures, Modern Languages, English and beyond. It is a particular feature of our research that we have expertise in film studies (international, transnational and postcolonial cinemas, British cinema, Hollywood), media studies, and creative practice (writing for the screen, filmmaking, multimedia production, digital media). The university’s focal point for creative arts practice, Culture Lab, is home to much of our activity and we are also part of the university’s newly-established Institute of Creative Arts Practice. A database for Creative Practice has been set up to enable students to display their research projects and facilitate novel collaborations. The Centre is also building on recent research activities from the Research Group in Film and Digital Media, and, in partnership with regional universities, the North-Eastern Regional Film Seminar.   

Newcastle is a film city and we are part of that. We collaborate regularly with partners including the BBC, Tyneside Cinema, Side Cinema, the Star and Shadow, the Berwick Film Festival, Bridge+Tunnel, Dene Films, Liberty Bell, Press Association, Hoults Yard Media Cluster, BGroup, and The Ouseburn Trust. and Northern Film and Media. We believe that research and engagement in film and the moving image can contribute to the creative economy and to cultural wellbeing regionally, nationally, and internationally.