LOUDER NOW! Feminism on Film

A monthly screening of films of a feminist nature at the Star and Shadow Cinema

LOUDER NOW! Feminism on Film

LOUDER NOW! is a monthly screening of films of a feminist nature at The Star and Shadow Cinema, presented by The Gender Research Group at Newcastle University.  It is intended that these films will enlighten, provoke and spark discussion, build networks, and perhaps inspire action.  Each film will showcase a different aspect of feminist thought and politics, be introduced by a specialist and post-film discussion will be encouraged. LOUDER NOW! promotes an open atmosphere where every opinion, thought and feeling will be respected.

All events are free to attend, although a £1 membership fee to the Star and Shadow is required.

The next film to be screened as part of the LOUDER NOW! series is 'Don't Need You', dir. by K. Koch, at 7.30pm Thursday 26 April 2012:

'Don’t Need You' is a documentary film that tells the story of the origins of Riot Grrrl in the American independent music scene of the 1990s, and how this feminist movement evolved into a revolutionary underground network of education and self-awareness through music, writing, activism, and women-friendly community.

Guest Speaker: Dr Julia Downes (Durham University). Julia is a specialist in contemporary queer feminist activist music cultures in the UK including riot grrrl, Ladyfest and grassroots collectives. 

Further dates for your diary: 24 May, 28 June, 4 October, 1 November, 6 December.

For more information, please visit: http://www.starandshadow.org.uk/on/season/121

published on: 12th March 2012