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New Wave Film making workshop on theme of "Home"

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New Wave is a talent-finding film making workshop aimed at nurturing young talent from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Run by Veto Films' director Yacine Helali and sound recordist Steve Lee, New Wave is driven by the the idea that creativity shouldn't be refrained by negativity or a perceived lack of opportunity.

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Rather, New Wave is an empowering and supportive environment for all participants, whatever their abilities.

Yacine and Steve, along with the Research Centre for Film and Digital Media, aim to boost the young people's confidence and technical skills in documentary filmmaking through hands-on story development, technical workshops and exciting shoots.

Three films were produced by the young people themselves on the theme of 'Home' and their work is being screened at various venues across the city, both indoor and outdoor. The films that were produced and that can be viewed here are Homeless, The Other Side of the Envelope, and Breaking the City.

This project was part of the Research Centre's work on the University's "Social renewal" theme and is funded by the University.

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