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Art Science Workshop

7-9.30pm, Monday 9th March 2015
Correlation and Causation – Top Tips for Interpreting Science Research

Fulcrum are a group that seek to understand Science through the Arts. The workshop is open to anyone interested in science and the arts – no previous experience of making or understanding art or science is necessary!

Further information can be found here.

Correlation and Causation
If two things are associated does that mean one causes the other? How can we study causes? We will look at the relationship between DIET and HEALTH with Dr Wendy Wrieden of the Institute of Health & Society at Newcastle University.
Workshop 1: Monday March 9th 2015, 7 - 9:30pm
Workshop 2: Monday April 13th 2015, 7 - 9:30pm
Venue: Culture Lab, King’s Road, Newcastle University campus, NE1 7RU
Booking: Free event but please book your place by emailing us at info.fulcrumgroup@gmail.com if you would like to attend and let us know if you have any special requirements with regards to access etc.

The workshops offer opportunities for you to:
• Understand how scientists gather and analyse data to draw trustworthy conclusions
• Interpret scientific evidence from news media critically
• Consider how to explain science concepts to others
• Create pictures, written responses and performances to illustrate the lessons on interpreting scientific claims Each science tip will be covered by a pair of workshops a month apart. In the first of the pair a SCIENTIST will introduce the tip and YOU will engage directly with the concepts before starting to explain them in an artistic medium, with help from Fulcrum practitioners. The second workshop gives you more time to work on and extend your artistic response.

Practicalities of Cellular Analysis, 'Omics & Informatics: Techniques and Applications

Monday 23rd - Tuesday 24th March 2015

A two day meeting highlighting the latest techniques for biomedical research.

Day 1 (Monday 23 March 2015): Practicalities of Cellular Analysis
◦ Flow Cytometry
◦ Imaging
◦ Electron Microscopy

Day 2 (Tuesday 24 March 2015): Practicalities of Cellular 'Omics & Informatics
◦ Proteomics
◦ Genomics
◦ High-Throughput Screening
◦ Bioinformatics

For further information and to register please click here.

Poster Evening - prICM event

prICM would like to invite you to the first of their Poster Evening Reception events, which will be held on Thursday 16th April 2015 from 4:30 pm in Newcastle University Student Union Building.

This student-led session will feature scientific poster presentations from all members of ICM and the Faculty, from undergraduates, masters students, post-grads, post-docs and staff. We hope to keep this as an informal social event to share your research and develop presentation skills as well as meet other people around the institute.

There is no set theme for poster submissions and the work does not have to be published, so even if you are new to the university or your course, want to discuss your planned project, show a previously made poster, or just want to share a technique, you will be equally welcome to bring a poster along.

We encourage all attendees and presenters to visit other poster during the event and to make the most of the evening.

There will be drinks tokens and snacks for all registrants, as well as a few sponsor- and faculty-led prizes up for grabs.

Complimentary drinks will be on offer.

If you wish to attend this event then please click here.

If you wish to submit a poster then please click here.

Medical Faculty Academic Careers Day

There will be a Medical Faculty Academic Careers Day which will be held at the Centre for Life on the 20th April 2015.

The goal of the meeting is to inform and discuss different ways of developing a successful academic career and includes information on available mentoring opportunities and fellowship schemes, including a presentation from the Wellcome Trust.

The meeting also has an Athena SWAN flavour and there will be information on career flexibility for those trying to balance work and home responsibilities.

Importantly, the meeting is open to ALL clinical and non-clinical researchers interested in developing an academic career.

For catering purposes, please register at the following link:


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