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Development opportunities for early career researchers

Biotechnology YES

Biotechnology YES is a truly excellent opportunity for researchers to get a crash course in what commercialising a research finding would entail. This is experiential learning that will help researchers identify how they can make the most from their research findings. It can also help researchers think about the broader range of career options that might be suitable for them.

Book a place on the Biotechnology YES information session on the 10th May to learn more about the Scheme and meet last year’s successful participants.

Three Minute Thesis competition

The 3MT challenges doctoral candidates to present a compelling spoken presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes.  The competition is open to all research students and is a fun way to network and focus on communicating research to a knowledgeable but non-expert audience.

Book a place in the competition. Deadline for entries: 9th May

For more information about any of the above please contact: Richy Hetherington, Postgraduate Skills Co-ordinator (, 0191 208 7874)

Lunchtime Mindfulness Sessions: Spring 2016


A new series of lunchtime Mindfulness meditation sessions begins in May 2016

These sessions are designed to introduce participants to a range of mindfulness practices they may find helpful in their everyday lives, at work and at home; practices that may help them to find ways to reduce stress and develop a better sense of well-being.
The sessions are open to everyone, with or without prior experience of meditation, and are designed so that people can dip in an out if they wish to. The sessions will be led by Michael Atkinson and Dr. Lucy Harrison. Please contact Michael Atkinson in the School of Medical Education at if you would like more information.
Each session will involve some meditation practice as well as some discussion around each theme. Each session will last for 45 minutes, but you are welcome to come for as little or as long as you wish. Sessions are held in the Graduate Training Suite (MG207, near the Medical School main entrance).
Details of each session are listed on the flyer. To book a session go to the list of forthcoming workshops.

British Science Week Mitochondria debate

As part of British Science Week 2016 Simon Woods contributed to the Mitochondria: exploring the science debate at EXPLORE, on Saturday 12th March in Newcastle city centre. The event was chaired by Dorothy Stainsby, Chair of the EXPLORE board.

EXPLORE is a lively, ambitious programme of talks, workshops and visits and is run by The Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre, a Community Interest Company with an elected board of directors. 

Alongside Simon, the panel of speakers included members of Newcastle University’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research team Felix ChanDr Lindsey Butterworth and Dr Julie Murphy.

CIVI Seminar Series Spring-Summer 2016

Our Spring-Summer Seminar Series 2016 will start on Friday 8th April 2016 and information can be found on our seminar pages

For more information, please contact Sandra Blackwood (

ICM Research Seminar

Speaker 1: Kile Green (Prof M Collin, Dr V Bigley, Dr G Smith)

Speaker 2: Rebecca Brown (Prof J Mathers, Dr L Avery, Dr N O'Brien)

Speaker 3: Dr Pawel Palmowski (Prof N Europe-Finner)

Speaker 1: Kile Green (Prof M Collin, Dr V Bigley, Dr G Smith)

Array-based gene signature generation and gene set reduction in human blood monocyte and dendritic cell subsets;

Gene expression microarray data is typically composed of far more variables than samples. A major issue with this data format is revealed when using the data for the classification of samples or in the prediction of a clinical outcome. The problem of 'small n, large p' may be addressed through gene selection and dimension reduction under the presumption that while there are a large number of genes in the dataset, only a small number of these may actually account for the majority of the sample variation. 

Speaker 2: Rebecca Brown (Prof J Mathers, Dr L Avery, Dr N O'Brien) 

The Impact of Vitamin D and Physical Activity on Older Obese people with Knee Osteoarthritis - a cross sectional study; 

Speaker 3: Dr Pawel Palmowski (Prof N Europe-Finner)

Protein expression changes in heart development.  Mass spectrometry based proteomics analysis of fetal and adult guinea pig ventricular muscle. 

Over the past 10 years we can observe a rapid expansion of proteomics technologies into all branches of biological science. They have a potential to provide an in depth qualitative and quantitative characterisation of a biological system in terms of protein expression, post translational modifications and interactions. In our study we utilise proteomics tools to identify processes and pathways involved in the process of heart development/maturation

Dental Lecture Theatre F

9 March 2016, 13.00 

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