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No pain – no gain! A summer of building refurbishments


Eight major Faculty of Medical Sciences refurbishment projects are taking place this summer as the University invests in upgrading teaching and research facilities.  These, as always, provide some disturbance and disruption in the short-term, but with the aim of improving the long-term infrastructure.  The projects include:

Lecture Theatres C and D in the Dental Lecture Theatre block.  This project will improve the quality of the teaching rooms and audio visual equipment to match Lecture Theatres E and F, which were completed during August 2015.

Leech Seminar Rooms.  This project will upgrade the current seminar rooms on the 2nd floor and create additional seminar rooms on this floor, to compensate for the loss of capacity on the 3rd Floor.

Anatomy & Clinical Skills Laboratories. To improve the acoustics and ventilation and provide upgrade space for clinical skills learning.  This project will be completed during the summer 2017.

Loading Bay. The long-awaited adjustment to the Loading Bay in the Medical School, to allow for direct deliveries of University goods.  The liquid N2 store has already been relocated as part of the enabling works.

Institute of Neuroscience reception.  A new reception layout to allow for improved access for patients, meeting NHS expectations, visitors and staff. This project will also deliver improvements to the open-plan study areas for postgraduate students.

Institute of Cellular Medicine Leech 3rd Floor consolidation.  This project will deliver a large multi-user laboratory and associated write-up and specialist laboratory facilities to consolidate ICM inflammation and immunology research. Approximately 10 PIs, plus associated research staff and postgraduate students will be accommodated. This project will continue until December.

Northern Institute for Cancer Research: Paediatric Oncology Laboratories in Herschel Building.  This project is nearing completion with a hand-over date expected in July.  It has progressed well and has attracted significant external funding through the Future Fund campaign.  It will allow for co-location of NICR researchers, currently based in the Sir James Spence Institute (RVI) and the Paul O’Gorman Building, in world class facilities on the 5th and 6th floors of the Herschel Building.

New PET-MR Facility at the Campus for Ageing & Vitality. This project is almost complete.  The new MRC Dementia Research Initiative funded PET-MR has been installed in a Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust building at CAV, alongside the current PET facility.

Information on these projects is regularly updated, alongside other Estates news at:

Prostrate Cancer UK Prize Fellowship


James Grey, an NICR PhD student supervised by Prof Craig robson and Dr Luke Gaughan  has been awarded a Prostate Cancer UK Prize Fellowship for 3 years from Jan 2017. He will spend the first 2 years in Rotterdam and the final year in Craig's group at Newcastle University. The research he will be doing will contribute to better treatments for prostate cancer and is a perfect follow on from his previous MRes and PhD work here at Newcastle. Congratulations James.

Internship Opportunities with ImmunoSYS

Six roles doing literature searching and reporting in a variety of areas. Most suitable for a Masters Project and can be completed at the student’s University.


ImmunoSYS is a Manchester based biological company providing solutions to biological businesses. One of the key areas of the business is to provide consultancy services to large industries in developing regions to build up capacity in biomolecular systems. Currently, ImmunoSYS is working for a major livestock company in South Asia to build up a state-of-the-art biofacility to research, develop and manufacture vaccines for livestock. This large scale project requires the establishment of specialised high tech clean biological units, biological process for manufacture of therapeutic-grade and non-therapeutic grade biological products of microbial origins and standardisation under international criteria such as ISO and GLP.  The Director of Immunosys is Dr Masih Alam

There is one position available for each role. All positions are for a 3 month period starting no earlier than October 2016 and no later than May 2017.

Bioprocess developer for poultry vaccines (viral)
Relevant Degrees: Biotechnology
Bioprocess developer for poultry vaccines (bacterial) 
Relevant Degrees: Biotechnology, Microbiology

Bioprocess developer for enzymes (Industrial)
Relevant Degrees: Biotechnology, Bio-engineering
Bioprocess developer for probiotics
Relevant Degrees: Biotechnology, Microbiology
Technical specialist for biofacility (ISO 17025)
Relevant Degrees: Biotechnology, Engineering

Technical specialist for biofacility GLP-GMP
Relevant Degrees: Biotechnology, Engineering

Please contact to apply for these positions

See more internships here. 

Internship Opportunities with Immundnz Ltd

5 lab-based roles (14 placements) based at Alderley Park

Immundnz is a specialised CRO located at Alderley Park in Cheshire (UK) to provide specific immunologic  services for drug safety analysis. Immundnz has extensive experience and know-how regarding immunology and in performing immunological, biological and analytical assays. More specifically, this comprises in vitro studies, and assays designed for immunogenicity and drug testing. Immundnz is the needed marriage between immunology and analytical chemistry. Besides standard immunological services, our company offers a unique platform for the comprehensive in vitro human immune response testing of drugs.  The Director of Immundnz is Dr Masih Alam

These roles are ideally suited to Postgraduate Internships PIPS – the fully-funded 3 month BBSRC DTP program.  These positions are lab-based at Alderley Park.  

Tissue Models Developer
2 positions (RefA1 = Oct-Dec 2016, RefA2 = Jan-Mar 2017
Receive Applications: 30 Aug 2016
Relevant Degrees:  Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Analytical Chemist
4 positions (RefB3 = Oct-Dec 2016, RefB4 = Jan-Mar 2017, RefB5 = Apr-Jun 2017, Ref B6 = Jul-Sep 2017) 
Relevant Degrees: Analytical chemistry, pharmacy
Receive Applications: 1 Sep 2016
Bio Assay Developer (Lymphocytes)
2 positions (RefC7 = Jan-Mar 2017, RefC8 = Apr-Jun 2017)
Relevant Degrees: Immunology
Receive Applications: 1 Nov 2016
Bio Assay Developer
2 positions (RefD9 = Mar-May 2017, RefD10 = Jun-Aug 2017)
Relevant Degrees: Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Receive Applications: 1 Dec 2016 
Bio Analyst
4 positions (RefE11 = Jul-Sep 2017, RefE12 = Oct-Dec 2017, RefE13 = Jan-Mar 2018, RefE14 = Apr-Jun 2018)
Relevant Degrees: Biochemistry, cell biology, immunology
Receive Applications: 1 Jan 2017  

Please contact to apply for these positions

See more internships here. 

Public Lecture Prize 2016 - Nominations Open


The Graduate School has been allocated a slot in the prestigious Newcastle University INSIGHTS Public Lecture series and we are seeking nominations for our fourth Public Lecture Prize Event. Previous competition winners have been a fantastic success, impressing the public lecture audience with their clarity, professionalism and the engaging way in which they explained their research projects. Detail of previous events can be found in these links for 2011, 2013 and 2015

Six of the students nominated will be chosen to receive specialist training in delivery and content selection. There will then be a further selection process and three finalists will be selected to present their work at the INSIGHTS event on 17th November 2016. They will receive a small cash prize and a certificate to mark their achievement.

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 20th July.  

Information for students: If you are a doctoral student (PhD, MD and D.Clin.Psy) and an experienced presenter we encourage you to seek a nomination from your supervisor or other academic staff who have seen your presentations. Nominations must be from academic members of staff.


Information for supervisors: If you supervise a doctoral student (PhD, MD and D.Clin.Psy) with a talent for presenting we encourage you to discuss this opportunity with them and consider nominating them for the competition. 


Judges will be looking for confident presenters who are able to explain their research clearly to a broad audience and they will try to attend any of the student’s forthcoming presentations if possible. 

The nomination form is at

If you have any questions about the competition, please email

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