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NICR Lecture: Targetting the tumour stroma: New ways for old roads

Speaker: Professor Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke, Professor of Angiogenesis/Deputy Institute Director Barts Cancer Institute Queen Mary University of London


Synopsis: Increasing chemotherapy delivery to tumors, whilst enhancing drug uptake and reducing side effects, is a primary goal of cancer research. In mouse and human cancer models in vivo, we show that co-administration of low dose Cilengitide and Verapamil, increases tumor angiogenesis, leakiness, blood flow and Gemcitabine delivery. This approach reduces tumor growth, metastasis and minimizes side effects whilst extending survival. At a molecular level, this strategy alters gemcitabine transporter and metabolizing enzyme expression levels, enhancing the potency of Gemcitabine within tumor cells in vivo and in vitro. Thus, the dual a ction of low dose Cilengitide, in vessels and tumor cells, improves chemotherapy efficacy. Overall, our data demonstrate that vascular promotion therapy is a novel means to improve cancer treatment.


Date: 7 March 2016

Time: 13.00

Venue:  Common Room, Paul O'Gorman Building

STARS funding to develop bioinformatics training programme


BBSRC has funded five UK universities to provide training programmes in strategically important and vulnerable skills for bioscientists in the first round of its Strategic Training Awards for Research Skills (STARS) scheme.



Simon Cockell, manager of the Bioinformatics Support Unit led a successful application from Newcastle University for this scheme to support the BSU's bioinformatics training program.



This £27k award will allow for the development and expansion of existing courses into the Newcastle University Bioinformatics Analysis Skills School (NUBASS).




See for details of existing bioinformatics training opportunities.









IGM Seminar: Genetic Diversity in Retinal Degeneration: Exploring the Potential of Gene and Cell Based Therapies

Speaker: Professor Shomi Bhattacharya, University College London

Speaker: Professor Shomi Bhattacharya, University College London

Venue:  Lecture Theatre, Biomedicine West Wing, International Centre for Life

Date & Time:  22 March 2016, 13.00

Immunology North East Seminar: Macrophages in cancer metastasis and drug resistance

Speaker: Dr Bin-Zhi Qian, Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre (ECRC), Edinburgh University

Speaker: Dr Bin-Zhi Qian, Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre (ECRC), Edinburgh University

Venue:  Baddiley Clark Seminar Room

Date & Time: 10 March 2016, 16.00 

IGM Seminar: MicroRNAs Secreted by the Human Endometrium Regulates the Transcriptome of the Preimplantation Embryo

Speaker: Felipe Vilella, PhD, Valencia University

Speaker: Felipe Vilella, PhD, Valencia University

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor Biomedicine West, International Centre for Life 

Date & Time: 1 March 2016, 13.00 

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