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PET imaging studies in head and neck cancer

Dr Rachel Pearson will be presenting her work.

If you are able to attend, please register at: ttp://

Seminar Series #10: Little Heresies in Public Policy

17.30 - 18.00 registration, 19.00 drinks reception and networking

Speaker: Prof Rob Wilson, Director of Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise, Newcastle University Business School

Free Registration: (required in order to attend)

Rob's Heresy - Problems with Integrated Health and Social Care: Why integration doesn't solve the problem of fragmentation in public services

Rob's heresy is one of the major assumptions in public policy, that integration solves the problem of fragmentation in public services.

Integrating Health and Social care has been a policy mantra for government since the late 90's. The programme for integration is rooted in a series of responses to a panoply of high profile service disasters Alder Hey, Shipman, Climbie, combined with ongoing service governance and delivery issues like 'interprofessional collaboration', 'common assessments'  'bed blocking' and 'performance management'.

Despite the high level of political rhetoric and resources expended on 'integration' there is little evidence that it works beyond place based pilots.  Significant questions remain about ‘what have we learned’ about if, how and when integration works.

This heresy will examine integration as an idea and contrast it with the wider fragmentation, asking the question about whether integration efforts might be better focussed on thinking through some of the challenges that joining-up the joining-up brings.

About the Series

These seminars build on a highly successful UK national tour in 2012/13 called ‘Kittens are Evil’ which attracted over 500 attendees and significant social media activity. This set of seminars brings together the best talks from the tour with new material from a local network of little heretics.

North East Postgraduate Conference continues to impress with the size of the and professionalism of the event. Organisers were able to select notable prize winners from a competitive field.

We would like to congratulate all the prize winners at the North East Postgraduate Conference:

Poster winner: Marco Silipo (PhD, ICM)

Poster runner up: Alex Whale (PhD, ICaMB)

Oral winner: Fiona Henderson (PhD, University of Manchester)

Oral runner-up: Emma Rogers (PhD, ICM)

RNA science: Thomas Ross (MRes, NICR)

Immunology: Amy Mawdesley (MRes, ICM)

Biochemistry: Colette Whitfield (PhD, SAgE) 

Jorge Cham of PhD comics at York

the film is being shown with a Q & A to follow in York

Jorge Cham’s insightful and hilarious take on Graduate Student life has been entertaining PhD students and academics since 2005.  Now Jorge is coming to York to present his new film, ‘The PhD Movie 2; Piled Higher and Deeper’.  Jorge will also give a short talk, answer your questions, and be available to meet after the screening.


To book tickets please visit:

Methods on the move: advanced postgraduate research methods school

This Research Methods School introduces recent developments in methods that seek to interfere in, rather than simply register, states of the world and their implications for research practice

Research methods are always on the move. People experiment with modes of creating meaning and knowledge. Governmental institutions demand and develop new methods of data gathering and interpretation. Companies create similar demands for enhancing corporate information and knowledge and social movements for challenging ways of living. Yet, the critical issue is not simply an intensification of demands for new methods but also a reflection about what these methods are setting in motion. This Research Methods School introduces recent developments in methods that seek to interfere in, rather than simply register, states of the world and their implications for research practice. Plenary and parallel working sessions will be offered by leading academics at the Open University and University of Oxford.

List of speakers includes:

Professor Engin Isin, Professor of Citizenship, The Open University Professor Elizabeth Silva, Professor of Sociology, The Open University Professor Gillian Rose, Professor of Cultural Geography, The Open University Professor Paul Stenner, Professor of Social Psychology, The Open University Dr Stephanie Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, The Open University Dr Umut Erel, Lecturer in Sociology, The Open University Dr Laura Rival, Department of International Development, University of Oxford Dr Thomas Thornton, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford Dr Asma Mustafa, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford Dr Maan Barua, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford Dr Wendy Martin, Programme Leader for MSc Public Health and Health Promotion, Brunel University Dr Louise Mansfield, Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director of BC-SHaW, College of Health and Life Sciences, Brunel University



Dr Shonil Bhagwat, Director of Postgraduate Degrees and Professor Jef Huysmans, Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance


Information for participants

The programme includes plenary sessions and small group workshops on methods. Refreshments and sandwich lunch will be provided during breaks, but participants will need to make their own arrangements for accommodation and evening meals.


The Open University - maps and directions:




Please refer to programme attached below.



Please complete the registration fields at:


If you have any queries please email:

NB: No registration fee

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