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Excursions: The Postgraduate Journal for Interdisciplinary Research

Excursions  invites submissions that examine the theme of ‘Virus’, in all its potential interpretations.

Call for Papers:

The logic of the virus has become endemic. Viral ads mirror contagion to convey their message. Computers and systems are struck down by infections. Pigs and birds are transformed into sinister hosts. Terrorists form cells and virulent covert networks, globalisation becomes a creeping homogenisation attacking the idiosyncratic, and media rapidly evolve to overcome any censorial attempt at information immunisation.

We all live with the virus. Or perhaps, as the planet’s most abundant biological entity, the virus lives with us. It crosses boundaries of species and holds genotype in little regard, finding hosts in every form of life. This tenacious agent has escaped the confines of laboratories and medical institutions, and insinuated itself into all strands of our cultural, political, and technological discourses.

Excursions  invites submissions that examine the theme of ‘Virus’, in all its potential interpretations. Submissions may wish to consider, but are by no means limited to:

• The virus as a model and/or metaphor
• The politics and economics of the pandemic, epidemic and endemic
• Viral dissemination
• The synthetic and the viral
• The viral and systemic vulnerability
• The socio-cultural and scientific history of the virus
• Life, death and the place of the virus in evolution
• Bacteriophages or the good virus
• Contamination and the text/body/performance
• Parasitism vs. viral infection
• Viral hosts and hospitality
• The rhetoric of the virus/viral rhetoric
• Artistic (re)presentations of/responses to virulent       virtual media
• What does immunity mean?
• Viral identities – from living with infection to infectious trends
• The antiseptic space

Papers should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words, follow MHRA formatting guidelines and be submitted via the Excursions website. Please contact regarding other forms of submission (i.e. film, photography, poetry etc). Please include an abstract and a brief biography (no more than 150 words) along with your submission, not later than 30th October 2010.

National Postgraduate Training Days 2010-2011

The British Library offers specialist days, run in partnership with esteemed professional bodies, in a range of subjects including English, History, Art and Design and Social Sciences. The days are organised to help new postgraduate researchers get the most out of our vast and unique resources. Sessions range from a general introduction to the Library's collections and services, to presentations and debates on particular topics tailored to your subject.

Furthermore, it's an excellent opportunity to meet research peers, academics and the Library's own expert curators. Postgraduate Training Days can make a real difference to your research.

11th October 2010 - Social Science: Research about Societies

19th October 2010 - Social Science: Government, Politics and Legal Studies

25th October 2010 - Art and Design

6th December 2010 - History (Medieval - 18th Century)

13th December 2010 - History (19th - 21st Century)

1st February 2011 - English (19th - 21st Century)

8th February 2011 - English (Medieval - 18th Century)

For more information about any of these training days or to book you place please visit:

Price: Free

Plasma Screen Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to Claire Savy and Lida Papakonstantinou

Plasma Screen Posters representing the work of research students in the faculty have recently been displayed on the screen in the Postgraduate Common Room.

Well done to joint winners Claire Savy and Lida Papakonstantinou whose presentations were voted the most popular and who have received a prize of £100.

Controversies in Neurology (CONy)

The 4th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) will be held in Barcelona, Spain on October 28th-31st 2010

Since its launch in 2007, the 4th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) has become established as a unique meeting where physicians can meet with outstanding experts in all neurology fields, and be updated on the most pressing clinical questions of the day. The programme is designed to provide an effective forum for discussing and debating unresolved issues by allowing ample time for speakers/audience discussion and is the only Congress of its kind that focuses mainly on controversial issues in form of debates.

If you are interested in participating full details (including how to submit an abstract, how to register, costs and a preliminary programme of events) can be found at

The deadline for submission of abstracts and early registration is 1 September 2010.

Physical Activity Study - Volunteers Wanted

How does ageing affect your metabolism?

This study is part of a larger series of studies looking at how ageing affects metabolism and muscle mass. We are interested to see how metabolism is affected by age in sedentary and active individuals.

We are looking for healthy women of various ages that are either active or sedentary.

Please contact us if you or someone you know are interested in helping out and are:

• Women
• Healthy
• Sedentary or Active
• Aged between 20-30 or 40-50  or 65+

The study will be carried out at Newcastle University’s new Campus for Ageing and Vitality and at the RVI by Lida Papakonstantinou and Dr Djordje Jakovljevic.

An information sheet is attached. We would be pleased to talk with you about the project. Please telephone Lida on 0191 208 1150 or emailing us on:


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