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Practicalities of Cellular Analysis

This year's event covers practicalities and techniques in bioimaging, electron microscopy, preclinical imaging and flow cytometry. Please visit the website for further information. Admission: Admission free but please register Contact for further information: Helen Neat Tel: 0191 208 3505 Email:

UFAW research scholarship for CBE student

Newcastle researchers awarded prestigious research scholarship to develop lifetime animal welfare assessment tools

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) has awarded a doctorate level Research Training Scholarship to Elena Armstrong of Newcastle University. With only one scholarship awarded internationally every three years, the award serves to highlight the quality of animal welfare research at Newcastle University. Under the supervision of a team of researchers led by Dr Tom Smulders (Institute of Neuroscience) and comprising Drs Tim Boswell and Jonathan Guy (also of Newcastle University) and Vicky Sandilands (Scotland's Rural College) Elena will investigate the lifetime welfare of chickens by testing whether changes in the birds’ brains reflect their levels of stress. For more information see the UFAW website  or for general enquires about animal welfare at Newcastle contact the University’s UFAW Link, Lucy Asher

Three Minute Thesis - University Winner Selected

Many congratulations to Graham McClelland, PhD student in the Institute of Neuroscience who won the University's Three Minute Thesis competition 

Research students from all faculties competed for the Three Minute Thesis prize. Winners were selected by a public vote with audience members of our own research students and members of VOICEnorth present. Three were selected to complete in the regional competition to be held on June 15th. 

Graham McClelland, Institute of Neuroscience

Catherine Caine, Newcastle Law School 

Tolu Kolawole, School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Graham was also being selected to be the University's representitive in the National Competition organised by Vitae.



Registration for the NuGO Short Course closes in less than 3 weeks!


Personalised Nutrition: from scientific discovery to interventions

Date: 5-7th July 2016,
Venue: University of Newcastle – The CORE (
City: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Course Organisers: Prof John Mathers, Dr Fiona Malcomson, Mrs Michelle Barr

This course is aimed at postgraduate students and post-doctorates who are interested in the design and delivery of personalised nutrition interventions. Topics covered will include links between genetics and nutrition, the health implications of personalised nutrition interventions and recent advances in technology.

Register for the course here 

Registration closes Monday 13 June 2016  

FMS Events June 2016

2nd June 2016

Engagement Forum


3rd June 2016

Cardiac function and metabolism in healthy ageing and hypertension by Dr Jehill Parikh


6th June 2016

IoN Seminar: Death Penalty and Forensic Psychiatry: An American Perspective


6th June 2016

ICM Seminar: Mechanisms underlying therapeutic tolerance

7th June 2016

Raising Awareness of Research in organ donation and transplantation 


7th June 2016

CBE Seminar: Clare Andrews


8th June 2016

ICaMB Seminar: Molecular architecture of a core bacterial cell wall synthesis complex


9th June 2016

IGM Seminar: Molecular profile of skin tumours amenable for diagnosis


9th June 2016

NICR Extra Lecture: Research Summary presented by Robert Schwabe, Columbria University


10th June 2016

Dental School: Founders and Benefactors


13th June 2016

ICM Seminar: Exploring the origin and regenerative capacity of tissue macrophages


13th June 2016

NICR Lecture: NICR Equality and Diversity Team: recent achievements and future plans


13th June 2016

Patient & Public Involvement Matters: Monthly Advice & Guidance Session


14th June 2016

CBE Seminar: Global DNA methylation and response to acute stressors in starlings


15th June 2016

2016 BioFocus Conference


16th June 2016

IoN Seminar: Searching for memory in brain waves – The Synchronization/De-Synchronization Conundrum


16th June 2016

IGM Seminar: Exploring novel candidate genes in congenital myasthenic syndromes


16th June 2016

Newcastle Academic Health Partners Research Day 2016


20th June 2016

ICM Seminar: Exploring preterm gut microbiome development and host responses using multi-omic approaches


20th June 2016

NICR Lecture: Are the mathematical sciences useful in cancer research?


23rd June 2016

IGM Seminar: Role of Endoglin in Vasculature


23rd June 2016

MRC Festival of Science 2016: Move Like a Pro


27th June 2016

ICM Seminar: TBC


27th June 2016

NICR Lecture: Combating cancer through early diagnosis and targeted therapy: a case study of human hepatocellular carcinoma


30th June 2016

IoN Seminar: What does corticogeniculate feedback do for vision?


30th June 2016

IGM Seminar: Peptide amphiphiles in corneal tissue engineering


30th June 2016

NICR Extra Lecture: Towards improved drug development for prostate cancer using patient-derived tumour models


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