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Cap-a-Pie Performing Research group

Theatre company Cap-a-Pie, in residency at Newcastle University, is exploring how theatre can create appropriate and rewarding impact, a vehicle for disseminating research and a means of conducting community engaged research. 

Join the Performing Research group and explore how theatre and drama can be used to develop public engagement and academic impact and complement your research and teaching skills! 

Thursdays: 4 May - 15 June.
6:15pm: unstructured activities
6:45pm - 9:15pm: rehearsals

Performing Research brings together researchers at Newcastle University with theatre makers, audiences and communities.

Come and join our group as we explore the latest research ideas through theatre and work towards a performance at Northern Stage.

You really don’t need any theatrical experience. An open mind and a willingness to get involved is all we ask for. 

Sign up via our website:

Theatre company Cap-a-Pie, in residency at Newcastle University, is exploring how theatre can create appropriate and rewarding impact, a vehicle for disseminating research and a means of conducting community engaged research. Performing Research explores how theatre and drama processes builds, strengthens and adds value to partnerships between universities and communities. 

Cap-a-Pie runs a programme of theatre-based research at Newcastle University that is engaging local communities and theatre audiences and creating impact for researchers. 

Performing Research is the start point for many creative collaborations between researchers, members of the public and communities. 

Performing Research offers a series of highly practical, playful and reflective workshops. Cap-a-Pie will lead an exploration into how theatre can create new knowledge and understandings within an academic research context, as well discover how we can turn ideas and explorations into exciting pieces of theatre and innovative engagement projects.

We are always happy to meet researchers on a one-to-one basis. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Cap-a-Pie on 07796 478 024 or email Katy ( if you’d like to discuss any ideas/questions you have. 

Sense about Science EU Internship (Brussels)

Sense about Science’s Brussels office is providing an exciting opportunity for a volunteer intern who has
a keen interest in science communication. 
Sense about Science EU is an independent campaigning charity that monitors the use and abuse of
scientific evidence in EU affairs. We stand up for the public interest, advocating for openness about the
evidence behind important EU policy claims and equipping people to ask for and understand it.
We are looking for an intern from April 2017, to be based in Brussels. Tasks will include:

  • Assistance in including EU affairs in the Ask for Evidence campaign and promoting it in EU member
  • states.
  • Assistance in organising a Standing up for Science workshop in Brussels.
  • Promotion of VoYS network in EU member states.
  • Represent Sense about Science EU at networking events.
  • General support of the EU office: contact management, communication, monitoring of evidence use in EU affairs.   

You can download a full role description here.

For further information, please contact Sofie Vanthournout, director of Sense about Science EU:, +32 479 53 89 10.

Science and the Media workshops with {react} magazine


In partnership with {react} magazine the Graduate School is running a one-day suite of workshops on 23 February aimed at all students with an interest in science writing and communications.

In partnership with {react} magazine the Graduate School is running a one-day suite of workshops on 23 February aimed at all students with an interest in science writing and communications.

Run by science students at Newcastle University {react} magazine wants to inform those interested in science about science-based research, providing an insight not only into the end products of research but all activities that go on behind the red brick doors of Newcastle’s science departments. You can keep up to date with {react} magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

These sessions are open to all current Newcastle students. You may come for the whole day or just attend individual workshops that interest you (please register for each session separately). Click on the workshop titles below to go to the booking page.

Your {react} science magazine (10.30-11.00)

As an introduction there will be a group discussion of what is happening with {react} Magazine - who & what the magazine should be for, what format it should take & what funding sources are available and required to keep it going. 

Science communication: problems, pitfalls and pointers (11.00-12.00)

Duncan Yellowlees from the Centre for Life will look at the ways people engage with science and the kinds of things that push their buttons and get them interested, considering the impact of emotion and storytelling.

Science and the media: science journalism (12.00-14.00)

Discusses what the press are looking for in a science story and how the Media Relations team can work with you to get your research stories out to the public. Includes lunch from 13.00-14.00 

Design and marketing: science with public appeal (13.00-15.00)

Calling upon the branding and design expertise marketing professional Danielle Stone (JUMP) we consider how to make science and research appealing to the public. Includes lunch from 13.00-14.00 

Writing for {react} magazine (15.00-16.00)

An opportunity to put forward ideas for content in the next issue of {react} magazine. There will be time to put down some initial ideas for articles and to share and discuss content and writing style.



Training Matters - Supporting Your Patient & Public Representatives

‘Supporting Your Patient & Public Representatives’ will introduce you to the PPI Peer to Peer Support Forum and also to the support and training guidance that has been developed with PPI for PPI.

The format of the session will include a brief presentation, small group work and an open floor discussion about how you can best support your PPI representatives.

*This session is open to all staff and postgraduate researchers*

As places are limited, registration is essential.  Please register via the workshop e-booking system: You will be required to sign in using your university login details.

For more information contact the FMS Engagement Team at 


Singer Instruments: PIPS internship opportunity for BBSRC DTP students

Calling all life scientists, bioinformaticians, programmers and engineers! Do you want to apply your knowledge to product/application development during your PIPS placement? Learn how to: design robots; make a difference by doing market research; and develop concepts for new products. Get involved in development and testing of products and party with us after another successful product launch!

You will have your own research project, related to lab-automation, where you will use internal and public data to analyse a particular gap in the market, and ultimately help shape a Product Development Proposal. You will have Scientific and Research & Development advisors who will guide you. You will be integrated within a closely knit international Research & Development team, and will have the opportunity to share ideas and try your hand at product development, product testing, software development and marketing; the business is your oyster!

You will be mentored by one of the Research & Development team members, as well as one Senior Manager, who will do everything they can to ensure you have a positive experience.

The project will need to be presented to stakeholders – including engineers, programmers, managers and other non-scientists. You will need to be able to communicate complex scientific procedures simply and effectively.

Singer Instruments have hosted previous PIPS students, and like them, you will have the opportunity to experience many different aspects of our business. We always work with you to understand which areas you find most interesting, and where possible, nurture you within those roles. You will have the opportunity to shadow different roles that are well out of your comfort zone!

You will work with multiple people across departments, discovering new tools, systems and ideas. Furthering your understanding of how lab automation can support research and vice versa. Discover how new product ideas are taken from concept to market.

Gain an understanding of working within the robotics industry, across multiple business functions and of the laboratory automation market.

A small team means a lot of exposure. You will be interacting with international collaborators and board level management. Helping to shape products that will be used by laboratories all around the World!

Singer Instruments will cover any expenses that go beyond that of what we would consider required of a normal day to day role (e.g. travel and expenses to visit a lab in a different city for market research).  The company will also contribute towards accommodation.

Lots of enthusiasm and geekiness.
A strong interest in science, technology, robotics and innovation.
Must enjoy socialising and eating home-baked delicious snacks! 
Please contact:
Jack Boyles, Sales & Marketing Manager
Telephone: 44 (0) 1984 640226 x108

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