Fundraise for Us

There are many different ways that you can help Newcastle achieve its aims and ambitions and hundreds of people have been thinking up creative means of raising money for worthy projects across the University.

From running marathons to reunion group fundraising, the Development & Alumni Relations Office is happy to discuss different options available to you.


Support for North East based medical research has made a real difference to our research teams, ensuring that our dedicated scientists and clinicians can invest in infrastructure by using funds to purchase new equipment or build research capacity by supporting postgraduate and post-doctoral research students.

Case Studies:

James Ferguson

James has raised over £10,000 to support Leber's Research in Newcastle’s Mitochondrial Research Team. He has utilised his own network to run a triathlon and cycle round Britain to bring in much needed funding for equipment which will help find a cure for Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Newcastle is a world leading centre for work in mitochondrial diseases.

Ross Hind

Ross has raised over £500 with friends by organising sponsored bike rides on the Coast to Coast trail to raise funds for the Stem Cell Research Fund. This fund has so far raised over £21,000 to support PhD students working on new ideas and enabling them to take their proof of concept to wider audiences at conferences and seminars.

Year of 1953

The MB BS Class of 1953 reunion group has worked with the Development Office to raise over £5000 to support an annual award for final year medics. Students vote for the student peer they feel has done the most to contribute to the camaraderie of their year group. Now well into its 10 year run, the award is a key part of the Medical School calendar and well received by all the final year students.

Chloe’s Fight for Sight
The fundraising activities of Chloe's Fight for Sight have so far raised more than £8,300 to support research into Leber's research. Chloe and her family are committed to raising money and awareness for Leber’s by organising fundraising challenges such as a sponsored walk in their home town of Eastbourne, which involved participants wearing sunglasses that simulated Chloe's own condition. Chloe's Fight for Sight was one of the Mayor of Eastbourne's two chosen charities in 2013.

Reunion Group Fundraising

Why not take the opportunity of gathering your former class mates together to club together and make a class gift to support an area of the Annual Fund. Whilst we can help and support you in organising your reunion, we can also set up a specific fund for your class and organise gift administration so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to your special reunion. This is a great way to collectively give something back to current students.