Endowed Gifts

Endowed gifts are those where the University will benefit from the annual income from a set amount of capital (a lump sum) over a long period of time.

There are two main types of endowment:

  • Permanent Endowment: the value of the capital itself can never be eroded, so that expenditure is limited to income received through investment returns on an annual basis. The minimum donation necessary to permanently endow a named fund is £50,000
  • Expendable Endowments: the expectation remains that the Funds will be put to use over many years. The minimum donation necessary to set up an expendable endowments is £25,000

At present 4.5% of the capital value of each of the permanent endowment funds is paid over to the University each year on a Total Return basis. This rate achieves the optimum balance between maximising what it can pay out, whilst safe-guarding the long term value of each of the funds.

We are custodians of your goodwill and strive to ensure that your gift is fully utilised for its intended purpose.

For details about giving in this way, please contact us.