Throughout the history of the Newcastle University we have benefited from the generosity of major bequests from graduates, friends and former members of staff.

Legacies have played a catalytic role in building of one of the UK's leading higher education institutions with a vibrant student community and a renowned research profile in medicine, environment, engineering and the arts.

Those who remember the University in their will make a clear statement about the importance of a modern university in today's truly global knowledge economy. Because our heart is in the North East, members of the public as well as our alumni have every reason to be proud of the work of our dedicated research teams and our commitment to education for all regardless of background.

We continue to demonstrate how our work transcends traditional academic boundaries and is now offering solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing us in the twenty-first century: democracy, energy, environment, poverty and education. Some examples of legacies at work include:

  • The Clinical Research Facility - based between the University and the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, was made possible through the bequest of Dr Irene Foster nee Blankley (MBBS, 1945) to help build greater opportunities for clinical academics to develop their studies with patients.
  • The Paul O’Gorman Building - opened in Autumn 2004. The home to the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, brought together over 100 leading Newcastle experts and resulted in greater collaboration and an increase in drugs trials, leading to successful treatments. The Institute became a reality through the fund raising efforts of the O’Gorman family whose 14 year old son died tragically of leukaemia in 1987 and joint funding from major medical research charities.

We can help you make a difference

We will match donor interests to our varied portfolio of research and teaching activities. If donors would like their bequest to support research into climate change or undergraduate medical students - our team is happy to explore and tailor options to suit you.

The University actively encourages a greater level of long term support and participation from friends to make all important multidisciplinary approaches possible. Only by working across traditional boundaries with those with shared values can we hope to achieve the very real solutions we all aspire to as members of a truly global community.

For further information, please call: +44 (0) 191 208 6072 or email: alumni-office@ncl.ac.uk