Performance Sport

What difference will it make?

Newcastle’s position as a leading university for sport is measured by its British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) ranking. Newcastle is currently 11th in the BUCS table, an excellent result for a university which does not have a course in sports science. Maintaining a high BUCS ranking attracts top athletes to the University, who may go on to achieve sporting success as alumni, and also ensures that students emerge with a well-rounded experience and all the benefits of having played team sports.

Performance Sport at Newcastle is aimed at maximising the performance of our representative teams and their individual athletes. To do this, Newcastle University needs to provide excellent facilities, services and professional support for its student athletes.

What difference can you make?

We need your help to secure the position of Newcastle as a leading university for sport and ensure the well-rounded learning experience of our students. We need your help to raise funds for:

  • top quality coaching, which can cost up to £120,000 over a three year period.sSquad costs, which cost £10,000 each year
  • Top-quality equipment such as boats for the rowing team, which cost £15,000 each year
  • scholarships for athletes, of which there are currently two kinds: Recruitment (awarded to students on entry to their chosen degree course) and Performance (awarded to students during the course of their time at Newcastle)

Our goal

Our goal is to foster talent and to provide our students with a well-rounded experience by educating for life. We need to maintain Newcastle’s position in the BUCS table and ensure that our students are provided with the best possible equipment, coaching and support during their time here so that they receive a balanced and varied education.