Research Councils

Eligibility for research council awards differs for UK, EU and international students, and it is advised that students clarify the criteria before proceeding with an application. The research councils that are most relevant to this School are:

There are also instances of interdisciplinary research studentship from more than one research council.

Please note that allocation of all these studentships are competitive.

Other Research Council Studentships

At times, the School offers additional research council studentships, sometimes associated with particular projects or offered in collaboration with non-academic partners (ESRC collaborative studentships). These may be linked to the AHRC, ESRC or the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Collaborative awards that are available will be advertised in the press and on this website.

The ESRC also occasionally offers collaborative studentships linked to a government department (such as the Department for Transport or the Scottish Government). Information about these awards will be posted in the ESRC's website and available awards will be advertised here and in the press in the early summer.