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School Funding for Postgraduate Study

Masters Scholarships

School Funding for Postgraduate Study

The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology is pleased to invite applications for our Masters Fees scholarships competition, for study from 1st September 2017.

To be considered, students must have applied to the University for a place on one of the following programmes, quoting code GPS17 in the ‘Studentship/Partnership Reference’ field on the online application form:

MA Human Geography (Research)
MA Local and Regional Development (Research)
MPhil Geography as a Science

Any MA in Politics

MA Sociology
MA Sociology and Social Research

Both home and international students are welcome to apply. The maximum scholarship will be full fee payment at the home/EU rate (currently expected to be £6000 for postgraduate taught programmes in 2017-18). Smaller scholarships may be awarded depending on the quality of applications received.

If you would like to be considered for one of our scholarships, you should complete and submit the relevant application form:

MA Human Geography Research, MA Local and Regional Development (Research) and MPhil Geography
MA and MPhil Politics
MA Sociology, MA Sociology and Social Research

The deadline for 2017-18 applications is Friday 9th June 2017.

For more information on School studentships and scholarships, please e-mail

The School also offers financial assistance for registered students including the following:

  • funds for existing postgraduate research students to attend conferences
  • funds for existing postgraduate research students to assist with completion of a PhD degree
  • funds for visiting occasional postgraduates
  • laptops for PhD students

There are a host of further funding opportunities available external to the School.

To apply for any of our courses and search for funding opportunities, please see the University postgraduate webpages

PHD Scholarships

PhD Scholarship: Walsh Fellowship: Brexit and Land-Use on the Island of Ireland (GTEA1)

The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology is pleased to invite applications for a Walsh Fellowship funded by Teagasc, in conjunction with Newcastle University and AFBI (Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute).

The UK’s Brexit decision brings immense uncertainty for the agri-food sector in Ireland (North and South) due to the breadth of potential changes in policy and market conditions that could transpire. This fellowship focuses specifically on changes to agricultural land use and ecosystem service provision. The potential impacts of diverging agricultural and agri-environmental policy between the North and South of Ireland, and likely post-Brexit economic conditions are explored to consider the potential interactions and trade-offs between economic and environmental outcomes on both sides of the Border.

Changes to policies influence farmers’ decision making and their delivery of public goods such as biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and effective ecosystem management. Differences are likely to arise due to the transboundary nature of ecosystem services and of new regulatory regimes which will create different standards across a single ecosystem such as water catchment areas. Brexit is likely to trigger significant changes in market conditions including considerable shifts in transaction costs, comparative advantage, and industrial organisation within the agri-food sector between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. As policy interacts with post-Brexit macroeconomic conditions, agricultural land use and ultimately ecosystem service provision are likely to be affected. Meanwhile social factors are important considerations in understanding decision-making processes. Therefore, the project will investigate the impact of social and cultural factors, as well as political and economic on the adoption of land use/management conducive to ecosystem service provision in a post-Brexit era.

In addition to conducting limited fieldwork based from Newcastle, the project will involve extended fieldwork periods in Ireland, dates to be negotiated and agreed with the supervision team. During this time it is expected that the student will undertake their work based out of AFBI (Belfast) and Teagasc (Athenry). The student will also participate in a reasonable number of relevant seminars across the three Institutions.
You will be working and training in internationally leading research teams, which will provide a supportive and stimulating environment for your research.

For further information please contact Dr Ruth McAreavey ( +44 (0)191 208 7494) or Dr Erin Sherry Agricultural and Food Economics, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute

For administrative queries please e-mail

For eligibility details and to apply please see Postgraduate and Funding database

For more details please read the Project Synopsis