Britain 2015: is there a new centre ground?

In the next few months Progress are planning a series of events across the country based on the theme of the ‘new centre-ground’ that is being developed by Liam Byrne. These events will follow the launch in January of a Progress and Centre for American Progress pamphlet, authored by Liam, looking at different aspects of ‘the new centre-ground’ and the policies progressives around the world will need to develop in order to win reelection.

Our events will focus on some of the policy themes which are believed to constitute the new centre-ground. These are a new fiscal realism by paying down the deficit and getting people into work; a new economy creating good growth that combines both the market and smart governance; a new welfare state that drives the rate of employment; an aim to draw not just on the wealth of nations but the 'hidden wealth of nations'; and, finally, to make taxpayers money go as far as possible in tough times.

We will be in Sunderland on the 9 February between 7- 8:30pm at Sunderland City Council, Civic Centre, SR2 7DN and it would be great if you could join us.

Speakers: Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP - shadow secretary of state for communities and local government Phil Wilson MP - Sedgefield Dr Thom Brooks - Political author and lecturer, Newcastle University Julie Elliott MP (chair) - Sunderland Central.

Dr Brooks is Reader in Political and Legal Philosophy in GPS at Newcastle University. He is editor and founder of the Journal of Moral Philosophy. His recent books include Ethics and Moral Philosophy (2011), Global Justice and International Affairs (2012), Hegel's Philosophy of Right (2012), New Waves in Ethics (2011), and Punishment (2012). He is currently co-editing Rawls's Political Liberalism with Prof Martha C. Nussbaum (Chicago) and editing a new five volume reference series on criminal law and legal philosophy.

published on: 25th January 2012