Geographies of Religion

Our work on geographies of religion tends to focus upon the multiple spatialities of Christianity and Islam. More specifically, we are interested in the ways in which issues of religion and spirituality intervene into understandings of development, the economy and society, altering the nature of everyday transactions, the experience of place and the construction of identities. Our work focuses upon both contemporary constructions of religion and place as well as how ways of remembering the past can promote either confrontation or reconciliation.

Our work brings religion, faith and spirituality into dialogue with a wide range of issues and debates, including those connected with: gender and family relations (Hopkins and Nayak); geopolitical discourse (Megoran); international development (Laurie); sectarianism (Hopkins and Richardson) and youth and voluntarism (Hopkins and Laurie), and, as this suggests, colleagues from across human geography contribute to this theme.


Botterill, Hopkins, Laurie, Megoran, Nayak, Pollard, Richardson.

Geographies of Religion Working Paper Series: