PGR students

Current PGR Students:
Ursula Balderson

Environmental injustice and social conflict: social movements against mining pollution and over-extraction of water sources in the Andes

Arezu Bari Making Informality Work: Self-Help Housing and Right to City
Daniel Bos Answering the Call of Duty? The geopolitical imagination of video gamers
Wilbert Den Hoed Everyday patterns of ageing populations: issues of access and mobilityin the urban context
Gillian Denny Exploration of Racist Perpetrators in the North East of England
Robin Finlay The ‘Orient’ in the ‘Occident’: The spatial, social and cultural dynamics of the Moroccan diaspora in Granada, Spain
Francesca Fois Enacting intentional heterotopias: Discovering alternative spaces through a multi-scalar approach in the spiritual intentional communities of Damanhur (Italy) and Terra Mirim (Brazil)
Graham Gaunt Expectations and aspirations: the transition to the adulthood for working class young men in the de-industrialised North East region
Tessa Holland Exploring the potential of co-creation in the convivial politics of Cittaslow (slow towns) UK
Jennifer Lloyd Embodying Difference: Female transnationals’ embodied experiences of identity, emotions and culture. A study of female transnationals within Singapore
Alexander Macleod

Between Wawasan 2020 and the West: re-positioning ethinicity for the 21st Century Malay

Ann Lynn Murphy Military Landscape: Space, Place and Identity Issues for Spouses of British Army Personnel
Anthonia Ijeoma Onyeahialam Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Persistence of Malaria in the Social and Physical Environment of Nigeria
Elinor Predota Young men in Woods and Forests
Erin Pritchard The Spatial and Social Dynamics of the Built Environment
Ayham Rezk Population changes and labour market in Syria
Rebecca Richardson Place Branding for Urban Development: NewcastleGateshead in Comparative International Context
Lexy Seedhouse

Be(com)ing Indigenous in the Time of Extraction: (Re)articulating Identities in the Context of Peru’s Ley de Consulta Previa.

Jenny Smith Home from Home? Intercultural Interactions, Identity and Belonging for Refugees living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Mai Cecilie Stabell Petroleum related FDI, Local Conditions and Poverty Reduction. The Macae region of Brazil
Maddy Thompson

Migrant Destinations and the Geographical Imaginations of Trainee Female Nurses in Metro Manila

Andrea Wilkinson Climate Change and Fairtrade Agriculture – Securing Livelihoods in Peru
Joanna Wiseman The (im)possibility of belonging? The experiences of young asylum seekers in Scotland
Recently Completed PGR Students:
Jeffrey Chase Power, Planning and Places of Healing: An Exploration of the Phnom Penh 2020 Master Plan
Rachel Clements Polish Migration to the City of Glasgow
Michael Richardson Irish masculinities: Intergenerationality on Tyneside
Sophie Yarker Urban regeneration and the consequences for local identity and belonging