Young Christians in Latin America (YCLA)

YCLA home imageWelcome to the Youth transitions, international volunteering and religious transformations research project.

This study seeks to explore the personal and religious transitions and transformations of young evangelical Christians who participate in faith-based volunteering projects in Latin America. By exploring the processes, religious spaces and experiences which are produced and constructed by young Christians, we will contribute to understanding the role of international experience in shaping young people’s religious identities.

This project is funded through the AHRC and ESRC collaborative Religion and Society Research Programme.

Project Aims & Objectives

The main aims of this project are to investigate what happens to the religious identities and spiritual understandings of young evangelical Christians through participating in faith-based international volunteering projects in Latin America.

More specifically, our objectives are:

  1. To detail what happens to religious identities and meanings in the lives of young people before, during and after their participation in faith-based volunteering projects in Latin America
  2. To explore the ways in which young people’s experiences of faith-based volunteering relate to their experiences of being a young person, their transitions to adulthood and what it means to be a religious adult
  3. To understand the role of faith-based volunteering in young people’s formulations of citizenship and social justice

Research Questions or Problems:

  1. How do faith-based organisations perceive the role of volunteering in processes of youth transitions?
  2. What role does spirituality and/or religiosity play in emerging adulthood among faith-based international volunteering youth?
  3. How does faith-based international volunteering influence the faith and identities of participating youth and their notions of religious community?
  4. How do the experiences of evangelical faith-based international volunteers intersect with understandings of global citizenship and conceptions of social justice?

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