Militarism and military geographies

Newcastle University is a leading centre for the analysis of the effects of military activities on spaces, places, landscapes and people. We approach our engagements with military geographies and militarism from a number of conceptual positions including landscape geographies, geopolitical theory, visual sociology and work and organisation studies. Researchers working in this area use a number of methodological approaches including ethnographic and photo elicitation practices, textual analysis, and interviews. Empirically, our work focuses upon a range of spaces and scales including, representations of UK military airspaces; the politics of military landscapes and environments; the production of contemporary military memoirs; the practices of military aviators; gender issues in the UK military; army wives' experiences of living in militarized space; the popular and visual geopolitics of Royal Air Force recruitment; the role of the military as a new development actor; and the value of University Armed Service Units.

People working on this theme include Neil Jenkings, Nina Laurie, Ann Murphy, Daniel Bos, Alison Williams and Rachel Woodward.

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