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Water is a multi-faceted resource and our expertise in the water environment reflects this

Physical Geography Water Mast


Our work reflects issues with major societal impacts including flooding, drought, ecosystem services associated with moving water, and delta futures.  We have a major profile within the UK in relation to flooding and its impacts but our research sites are world-wide including Iceland, Chile, the Yangtze and other major deltas in SE Asia.  Our research centres on a number of sub-themes including geomorphological impacts of floods, glacial outburst floods, 'citizen science' in relation to flood risk, and Anthropocene water futures.


Physical Geographies


Postgraduates' Projects

Our postgraduates are working on a wide variety of economic geography subjects. These range from the experiences of young Poles migrating to Northumberland to exploring the branding of NewcastleGateshead in an international context.

Safaa Al Zerouni

Controls on morphological change within wandering gravel-bed rivers over decadal time scales: the River Coquet, Northumberland, UK

Charlie Bunce

Dynamic response of marine-terminating outlet glaciers to climate forcing in south-east and north-west Greenland

Jake Collins-May

Origins of Glacial, Fluvial and Glaciofluvial Landforms in the Nereidum Montes; Mars

Becky Dell


Ryan Dick

 Finding tsunami causing landslide deposits in the lakes of New Zealand

Sonja Felder

Mid-Pleistocene transition in the Asian monsoon

Devin Harrison

 Sedimentary architecture of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanogenic jökulhlaups: Gígjökull, Iceland

Emily Hill

The Greenland Ice Sheet in a warming world: Determining drivers of current and future change on northern Greenland outlet glaciers

Arminel Lovell

Explaining the varying response of Himalayan glaciers to climate change