Undergraduate Study for Geography

Develop into the geographer that you want to be with degrees that offer both variety and specialisation. See your study come to life through a high level of fieldwork throughout your degree, with a range of exciting options abroad and in the study-rich North East of England.

Graduate with an internationally recognised qualification

Study in a department with a near 90-year history and an international reputation for teaching and research that’s focused on real-world challenges such as climate change, natural hazards, economic development, international geopolitics, sustainability, and international development. Our research has been commissioned by organisations including the European Union, the World Bank and the Environment Agency, meaning you will graduate from a University that is internationally recognised for its expertise.

Enjoy teaching from enthusiastic and passionate staff

Study modules that are designed and taught by staff making the latest research discoveries. This direct link to our research translates into enthusiastic and up-to-date teaching by people who are passionate about their subject, as well as being acknowledged leaders in their field.

Benefit from flexibility and specialisation

Develop into the geographer you want to be through degrees that offer opportunities to combine the types of geographies that interest you, as well as options to specialise in human or physical geography.

Take part in a high level of fieldwork

Fieldwork is a particular feature of our degrees that integrate experiential learning (‘learning by doing’) at every Stage, including a second-year overseas field trip to locations such as Amsterdam, New York, Morocco Iceland, American South West and Ireland. You will learn as a researcher and develop key field techniques, especially as part of the ever-popular dissertation module, which is the defining feature of your degree. Our students also have a strong track record of leading student expeditions, with funding available from the University’s Expedition Committee.

Become part of our vibrant geography community

Enjoy an extended induction programme, which helps you feel part of our inclusive community from the very start. This support continues throughout your degree with close interaction with teaching staff, weekly drop-in sessions with module leaders, a personal tutor system, a student mentoring programme and a highly active student-run society, one of the University’s largest.

Connect to the worlds of graduate employment and career development

Graduates of Geography at Newcastle establish a diverse range of career paths, developing a rich array of professional skills and expertise in a wide variety of locations around the world. We believe this reflects our core values of providing our students with a successful bridge into the world of employment and career development. For example, apply your knowledge and skills in a work-related context through our integrated work experience module and benefit from the activities developed by our Employability Co-ordinator.

Applying to study

Applications are made online through UCAS, and more information about the process is available from our Undergraduate Admissions department. If you are thinking about applying, you can learn more about politics by attending one of our university Pre-Application Open Days .

Undergraduate applicants who receive an offer will be invited to attend one of our Post-Application Visit Days.

Contact us

If you have any questions about coming to study with us, please email us at geographyadmissions@ncl.ac.uk or call our office on +44 (0) 191 208 3921.
Follow us on Twitter: @NCL_Geography.

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