Politics Staff

Politics Staff

Dr James Babb
Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael Barr
Lecturer in International Politics

Professor Hartmut Behr
Professor of International Politics

Dr Derek Bell
Reader in Environmental Political Theory

Dr Alistair Clark
Senior Lecturer in Politics

Dr Emily Clough
Lecturer in Politics

Dr Martin Coward
Senior Lecturer in International Politics

Philip Daniels
Senior Lecturer

Dr Matt Davies
Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy

Dr Richard Dodgson

Dr Valentina Feklyunina
Lecturer in Politics

Professor Tim Gray
Senior Research Investigator

Dr Kyle Grayson
Senior Lect in International Politics

Professor Peter Jones
Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy

Dr Graham Long
Senior Lecturer

Professor William Maloney
Professor of Politics and Head of School

Dr Jocelyn Mawdsley
Senior Lecturer in European Politics

Dr Una McGahern
Lecturer in Politics

Alia Middleton
Research Assistant

Dr Ian O'Flynn
Senior Lecturer in Political Theory

Dr Jesse Salah Ovadia
Lecturer in International Political Economy

Dr Simon Philpott
Senior Lecturer in International Politics

Dr Nick Randall
Senior Lecturer and Head of Politics

Professor Ella Ritchie OBE
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Dr Laura Routley
Lecturer in African and Postcolonial Politics

Dr David Walker
Politics Degree Programme Director

Dr Andrew Walton
Lecturer in Political Philosophy

Professor Anthony Zito
Professor of European Public Policy