International Politics

  • Green Politics in China
  • The Concept of the Political
  • A History of International Political Theory
  • Urbicide
  • Chasing Dragons
  • A European Agenda for Security Technology
  • Palestinian Christians in Israel

International Politics is represented by a large number of staff teaching and researching topical and cutting edge themes in:

  • Critical security studies
  • Political geography
  • International political theory and thought
  • Global history and sociology
  • Precarity
  • Environmental politics and policy
  • Visual politics
  • European security and defence policy
  • Russian foreign policy
  • Arms trade and disarmament
  • International political economy
  • Popular culture and world politics
  • Area studies with a special emphasis on Africa, the middle East, Europe, Russia, East and South East Asia and Latin America.

Members of staff also edit the academic journals Politics and Critical Studies on Security. We also edit the Routledge book series Popular Culture and world Politics. Our staff have links with departments and research units in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and within the the EU and have a wide international experience. Our postgraduate students come from all over the world and PhD candidates work in close relationship with staff and their research projects.

Specific research foci include:

  • International and global security studies
  • Critical IR theory and international political thought
  • International and global political economy
  • Political economy of work
  • Globalisation, poverty and development
  • Global governance
  • Decolonisation and postcolonialism
  • Images of Russia in world politics
  • Policing, violence and communal conflicts
  • Minority politics
  • Armaments and disarmament
  • Corruption and good governance
  • Postcolonial politics
  • Regional studies: Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, East and South East Asia, Latin America
  • International politics
  • International politics and critical geopolitics
  • Popular culture and world politics

The co-ordinator of this cluster is Simon Philpott

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