Art and aesthetics

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Many of us, as part of our portfolio of research interests, engage with issues of art and aesthetics. We have a specific focus on everyday and popular cultures, and within this our engagements range from the use and interpretation of art objects in research, to considerations of how aesthetic sensibilities (seeing, feeling, sensing) emerge in and through societal, cultural and (geo)political structures.

A persistent concern for group members is the interplay between discursive and beyond-discursive analytical framings, and visual and material cultures. A focus on art and aesthetics, thus, provides a common intellectual space to address these concerns, and to seek connections between our disciplinary groupings.

Current research projects which engage with this theme include:

  • the visual and material economies of book covers
  • conceptual art and non-representational theory
  • the geopolitics of art and public advocacy
  • aesthetic disturbance and the demand for human rights
  • aesthetics, work and political economy


Other research themes within this research group include:


People working in this thematic area include:

Dr Elaine Campbell
Dr Matt Davies
Dr Alison Williams

Dr Matt Rech