Visual communication of research

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One of the important benefits of working with visual materials and generating research data through visual methodologies, is the way in which these can be used to bring in voices, perspectives and ideas from groups who may be put off by or struggle to communicate their thoughts via traditional word or text based approaches.

For example, some of the projects within the research group are using visual techniques such as photography, storytelling and digital representations to tap into the creative expressions of children and disabled young people. These techniques enable a broader range of people to be part of the research process and also provide new channels and materials for communicating such perspectives in non-academic public environments such as schools, museums and art galleries.

The visualisation of our research outputs presents new challenges for the social sciences and creates a range of opportunities for developing a rich portfolio of dissemination practices.


Other research themes within this research group include:


People working in this thematic area include:

Dr Edmund Coleman-Fountain
Dr Janice McLaughlin

Ulpia Botezatu
Kate Botterill
Ko-Le Chen
Michael Richardson
Sophie Yarker