Visual cultures

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The idea that visual images convey a wealth of meaning in ‘ocularcentric’ cultures is one that many of us – along with growing numbers of writers throughout the social sciences – readily accept.

To speak about ‘visual cultures’ is to speak about different sorts of visual technologies (such as photography, film and television) as well as about the sorts of images they show us. This shared interest in the visual unites several members of our group, whose substantive interests fall under a variety of thematic sub-headings, notably media representation, including “new” and social media, visual politics/geopolitics, public narratives, film, photography and popular culture.

Current research projects which engage with these themes include work on:

  • Western media representations of both Asia and Africa
  • video games
  • children’s literature
  • climate change communication


Other research themes within this research group include:


People working in this thematic area include:

Dr Elaine Campbell
Dr Martin Coward
Dr Matt Davies
Dr Lisa Garforth
Dr Kyle Grayson
Dr K Neil Jenkings
Dr Kate Manzo
Dr Monica Moreno-Figueroa
Dr Simon Philpott
Professor Rachel Woodward

Nick Appleby
Daniel Bos
Clare Fearon
Sobia Kaker
Cary Monreal - Clark
Matt Rech
Tarren Smarr
Alexander Tan