Public Confidence in Criminal Justice in the North East of England

From September 2006 to September 2009
Project Leader(s): Professor Elaine Campbell
Staff: Dr Ruth Graham; Liz Turner (KTP Associate)
Sponsors: ESRC 50%; Northumbria Criminal Justice Board 50%
Partners: Northumbria Criminal Justice Board

This project is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership in Criminal Justice funded by ESRC (50%) and Northumbria Criminal Justice Board (50%): £120,000, Sept 2006 - Sept 2009. The research creates a grounded understanding of public confidence in the services delivered by the statutory criminal justice agencies in the north east region. The study explores how the phenomenon of `confidence' is talked about, experienced and evaluated by members of the public, and how this compares to its conceptualisation and operationalisation in current criminal justice policy and practice. This 3 year study will produce a grounded, empirical knowledge-base of a heterogeneous (and contradictory) public discourse of confidence, which will be used as a resource for developing a series of methodological tools capable of measuring this complexity, and a communications strategy which responds effectively to it. This research study is the first KTP to be commissioned in the UK in the field of criminology/sociology. The project also forms the basis for a doctoral study (2006- 2010) which is being undertaken by the KTP Associate, Liz Turner .


Professor Elaine Campbell
Professor of Criminology

Dr Ruth Graham
Senior Lecturer in Sociology