SMARTHEALTH - Smart Integrated Biodiagnostic Systems for Healthcare

From December 2005 to November 2009
Project Leader(s): Dr Simon Woods
Staff: Calum McNeil; FionaghThomson
Sponsors: Commission of the European Communities

The SmartHEALTH project aims to develop intelligent diagnostic technology, which will provide earlier and more accurate medical diagnosis and be compatible with existing healthcare systems. The technology holds the potential for wider application outside of healthcare, though this project focuses on cervical cancer screening at GP’s and breast and colorectal cancer monitoring in hospitals, the GPs or in the home. SmartHEALTH aims to go beyond current “lab on a chip” and “point of care” technologies to create a versatile technology that also includes wireless communication links between different healthcare locations to enable, for example, GPs to access electronic medical records/specialist knowledge in hospitals. 


Dr Simon Woods
PEALS Co-Director