How do innovating small and medium sized enterprises use business support services? (2002)

Author(s): Benneworth PS, Dawley SJ

    Notes: Innovation is a prerequisite of any successful advanced industrial economy. As barriers to trade fall, UK manufacturers are coming under increased competition from low-cost overseas producers, with low labour costs and large economies of scale. Innovation helps firms to respond to these pressures by helping firms to create unique products and services. Some innovation may lead to rapid corporate growth, but beyond these high-achieving élite, innovation helps all firms to maintain their competitive edge, remain viable businesses with future prospects and to support a dynamic economy. How can the public sector promote innovation in all firms, particularly in the long ‘tail’ of under achievers? In this report, we outline the findings of an innovation study and recommend how public sector Business Support Organisations (BSOs) — and in particular Business Link — can better support innovation in non-traditional innovating firms The study was commissioned by the Research and Evaluation Section of the Small Business Service.

    • Type: Consultancy
    • Institution: Small Business Service
    • Publication type: Report
    • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Stuart Dawley
      Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography