Staff 20 Questions

Elaine CampbellElaine Campbell
Q1. Who are your intellectual heroes/heroines?
A. Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Jean Baudrillard-thematically, one could say, dead, white, French men.
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Mark CaseyMark Casey
Q12. If you could have three guests over for dinner, who would they be?
A. Jake Gyllenhaal (does he really look that good in real life?), Joanna Lumley and Christopher Biggins.
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Esteban CastroEsteban Castro
Q4. What was the last piece of music you’ve bought or downloaded?
A. Daniel Viglietti’s ‘Ana Clara’, a Latin American revolutionary song (dedicated to a young anarchist student from Uruguay)
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Cathrine DegnenCathrine Degnen
Q8. Who are your cultural heroes/heroines?
A. Marc Chagall, for being able to portray through his art the transformative effect of falling in love; Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith for being able to portray with their voices the mixed consequences of being in love.
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Monica Moreno FigeuroaMonica Moreno Figeuroa
Q20. If time travel were possible, which historical period would you choose to visit?
A. Tenochtitlán (Mexico City) prior to the European invasion.
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Anselma GallinatAnselma Gallinat
Q7. What sociological idea do you think every sociology graduate should understand?
A. That “that’s just how things are” is never a satisfactory answer.
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Lisa GarforthLisa Garforth
Q10. What philosophical thesis do you think it is most important to disseminate?
A. Be realistic: demand the impossible! (Situationist International slogan)
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Erica HaimesErica Haimes
Q2. Who are your favourite sociologists?
A. Weber, Goffman, Bourdieu....all of whom see the whole in the fragment and the fragment in the whole-and understand the importance of both.
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Robert HollandsRobert Hollands
Q5. Who are your political heroes/heroines?
A. Ordinary men and women who have effected some kind of social change for the better.
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Stephanie LawlerStephanie Lawler
Q15. What was the last piece of art/theatre/music/etc that gave you goose bumps?
A. A Tracy Emin retrospective-impossible to really explain why but her work always makes me cry.
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William OuthwaiteWilliam Outhwaite
Q3. Can you name a critical moral, political or intellectual issue on which you have changed your mind?
A. The importance of the European Union
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Geoff PayneGeoff Payne
Q6. What are your favourite movies?
A. The Ladykillers (original); Jeu de Fete; The Third Man; High Plains Drifter
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Peter PhillimorePeter Phillimore
Q19. If you could alleviate one social problem in the world, what would it be?
A. Having seen directly where I lived in India the transformative impact on social relationships of enabling girls to get the right to schooling, it would have to be that.
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Jackie Leach ScullyJackie Leach Scully
Q13. Is there a work in the social sciences which has had a profound effect on how you view the world?
A. Margaret Urban Walker’s Moral Understandings was formative for me because it demonstrates very clearly the culturally and historically loaded assumptions behind what we think of as morally obvious or ethically objective.
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John VailJohn Vail
Q11. What philosophical thesis do you think it is most important to combat?
A. Market fundamentalism (the belief that markets are self-regulating and if left to their own devices lead to the general welfare) and religious fundamentalism (the belief that god is on your side).
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