20 Questions - William Outhwaite

1. Who are your intellectual heroes/heroines?

Marx, Max Weber

2. Who are your favourite sociologists/social scientists?

Marx, Max Weber, Habermas

3. Can you name a critical moral, political or intellectual issue on which you have changed your mind?

Importance of the European Union

4. What is the last piece of music you’ve bought or downloaded?

Can’t remember

5. Who are your political heroes/heroines?

Vaclav Havel

6. What are your favourite movies?

Battleship Potemkin

7. What sociological idea do you think every sociology graduate should understand?


8. Who are your cultural heroes/heroines?


9. What was the last novel (s) you recommended to a friend?

Thomas Mann, Magic Mountain

10. What philosophical thesis do you think it is most important to disseminate?

Categorical imperative-act according to principles that could be followed by anyone.

11. What philosophical thesis do you think it is most important to combat?


12. If you could have three guests over for dinner who would they be?

Marx, Max Weber, Durkheim

13. Is there a work in the social sciences which has had a profound effect on how you view the world?

Habermas, Knowledge and Human Interests

14. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


15. What was the last piece of art/theatre/music/etc that gave you goose bumps?

Pina Bausch

16. What is your favourite example of architecture in the world?


17. What is your favourite sound?


18. What talent would you most like to have?

Playing music well

19. If you could alleviate one social problem in the world, what would it be?


20. If time travel were possible, which historical period would you choose to visit?

18th century