Each faculty member in Sociology has their own individual web pages which list the modules we teach, administrative responsibilities, research interests and projects, and recent publications. If you would like to learn more about a specific member of academic staff, click through to the A-Z list of Sociology staff.

Sociology staff undertake vital and cutting edge research that reflect the core concerns and themes of today’s global sociology. Our research is focussed on the real world - it not only contributes to a better understanding of the changing world around us, it also engages with pressing societal challenges, regionally, nationally and globally in order to not simply interpret and understand the world but often to change it.

We have collected a few brief vignettes of current research projects of Sociology staff which you can read more about.

But, of course, Sociology staff are also more than just teachers and researchers-we are activists, writers, sports enthusiasts, music lovers, moviegoers, parents, and community members, who enjoy a wide range of cultural and social interests and passions.

We wanted to give prospective and current students a more personal, intimate portrait of our diverse academic staff so we have a new feature, 20 Questions, which we encourage you to explore. Staff were asked a series of questions – ranging from their favourite movies to their cultural and political heroes/heroines to the social problems they would most like to alleviate - and the resulting profiles offer a fascinating and slightly irreverent portrait. We hope you enjoy reading them.