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Kathy Davies

Project title: Understanding Women's Holiday Relationships

Supervisor: Prof Janice McLaughlin, Prof Diane Richardson and Prof Monica Moreno Figueroa

‘Understanding Women's Holiday Relationships’ (UWHR) is an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded PhD research project. Based in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, this project aims to speak to women living in Britain who may have shared a holiday romance, fling or relationship with someone living locally to popular Caribbean and West African resort destinations, such as Jamaica, Barbados and Gambia.

To learn more about women’s holiday relationships, this research will explore the meanings and real life experiences of the cross-cultural ‘holiday romance’ by listening to the accounts and stories tourist women give of the personal relationships they shared with local men during their time away.

The project seeks to contribute to research in this field by further exploring the complex patterns of privilege and disadvantage underpinning female tourist’s cross-cultural holiday relations/hips with local men in these regions. It has a specific investment in developing a deeper understanding of the ways in which conceptions of, for example, gender, ‘race’, socio-economic status and age are articulated by and inform tourist women’s perceptions of their own and other’s identities and social positions both ‘at home’ and ‘away’. The nuanced negotiations and tensions between women’s experiences ‘here’ and ‘there’ are what this project aims to tease out through the analysis of semi-structured interview material.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, visit the research website.