Social Transformations

The focus of this cluster is on researching contemporary social change across a range of cross-cutting fields.

Current research includes:

  • Changes in market societies
  • Social inequalities
  • Social mobility
  • Health and Inequality
  • Citizenship
  • Cultural and creative work
  • Labour market and household relations
  • Socio-environmental change
  • ‘Development’ and the Global South
  • Urban transformation and ‘smart cities’
  • Imagining pasts and futures
    • History and memory in post-socialist societies
    • Utopian Thought
  • Sociological and political ecology
  • Sociology of law, life and culture
    • The criminal justice system
    • Sociology of ethics
  • Social and cultural movements

Research in this cluster is characterised by its very strong combination of theoretical and empirical content and the range of collaborations with international research partners.

The co-ordinator of this cluster is William Outhwaite