Social Transformations Postgraduate Research Projects

Current PGR Students:
Paradis Asadi-Zeidabadi

Conceptions of democracy in secular and religious feminism in contemporary Iran. An empirical exploration.

Ursula Balderson

Environmental injustice and social conflict: social movements against mining pollution and over-extraction of water sources in the Andes

Deborah Burn

The social world of allotment gardens in North East England.

Alicia Crowther

Food as identity work in a men's prison

Kathy Davies

Understanding Women’s Holiday Relationships (UWHR)

Ipshita Debnath Log-in/log-out: A Sociology exploration on how family relationships are performed and maintained in the contest of social networking site
Clare Fearon The backlash against Political Correctness: An examination of the legacy of Political Correctness in a Post-Politically Correct culture
William McGovern An exploration of social capital and self-help in non-traditional 12 steps setting
Lauren Powell NE1 Using This Space? A Study of Inchoate Open Spaces in an Urban Setting
Constance Sabiru

Gender Performativity in Dagaaba Marriage: Implications for Social Relations and Community Development

Diana Kopbayeva Building the Kazakh nation: an exploration of the discourse of nation building in Kazakhstan
Maksym Zherebkin

PhD Project title: The Logic of Shareholder Activism and the Contemporary Social Movements (on the example of Divestment from Fossil Fuels)

Recently Completed PGR Students:
Gemma Metcalfe The living and working experiences of young women in north east former mining communities
Danna-Michelle Lewis Theorising Risk: From Macro to Micro perspectives of risk

Cary Monreal Clark

Wrap and Go: the mobile life of food and drink packaging
Iain Phillips

First-Generation Students and Higher Education: Accreditation and Underemployment within the Knowledge Economy

Justine Uvuza Rwanda Female Politicians: The Private and Public Spheres