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Sociology Seminar Series 2014-15

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  • 29 Oct Anselma Gallinat 'Was the GDR a dictatorship? And why that question matters so much.' CLB.563 4-5.30.
  • 19 Nov Claire Colomb '"Our city is not for sale": neighbourhood conflicts, urban change, (de-)regulation and grassroots mobilization in the tourist city.' CLB.563, 4-5.30.
  • 10 Dec Tom Thurnell-Read 'Researching masculinities and identity in contemporary leisure and tourism.' CLB.563, 1.15-2.30

A Great Start... our 2014-15 seminar series on 8th October. Lovely to see so many people packed into CLB.563.

Thanks to Alan France for his talk on the big picture of 'youth in global crisis' - on the different effects of (successive waves of) economic crisis (crises) in different countries and regions, and on the perhaps rather less varied ways in which neo-liberal austerity policies are shaping young peoples' lives and opportunities. His paper stimulated a discussion that covered life course transitions and the neoliberal self as well as the importance of homework in Hong Kong and the price of vodka in 2008! A great opportunity to reflect on how we can understand 'youth in crisis' sociologically - the importance of stats (thanks to Alan for some impressive tables on youth unemployment rates and changing patterns of people under 30 living with parents) and ethnography, of understanding social processes, power structures and how it feels to live through social change.

Sociology Seminar Series 2013-14

UnleashedThe sociology seminar series is now almost complete and you will see that we have an exciting and varied line-up of speakers to  enjoy. The afternoon seminars are followed by drinks in the GPS common room and dinner somewhere local; the joint seminars with PEALS will include a buffet lunch.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to all the events which are listed via the attached link: Sociology Seminar Series 2013 - 14


Professor Bob Simpson, 06/05/14, 'New Immortalities: Reflections on Post-Mortem Value in the Human Body in the 21st Century?'. Download audio clip

Sociology PGR Workshop Series 2013-14

visualities imageAll sessions run from 12 to 2pm. Lunch will be provided. Sessions will be conducted in a variety of ways incl workshops, seminars, partial lectures.

Sociology PGR Workshop Programme 2013-14

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All past events are listed for your information together with access to the Podcasts of a selection of Sociology Seminars.