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Sociology Seminar Series 2014-15

Dates for your Diaries

  • 10 Dec Tom Thurnell-Read 'Researching masculinities and identity in contemporary leisure and tourism.' (PDF: 67KB) CLB.563, 1.15-2.30
  • 28 Jan Dace Dzenovska: ‘You are the state’: existential sovereignty and Latvian diaspora politics. CLB.563 4-5.30.
  • 11 Feb Daryl Martin: Recording loss: the photographic translation of death and dying. Joint Visualities/Sociology seminar. (4pm; venue and time tbc).
  • Tues 3 March Joan Haran: Viewing the life sciences through the prism of science fiction. Joint Sociology/PEALS seminar. Seminar Room, 4th Floor CLB. 12-1.30.
  • 15 Apr Peter Phillimore: Thoughts on a sociology of public health in the Middle East. CLB.563 4-5.30.
  • 13 May Richard Tutton: Self-care, clinical labour and the rise of neoliberalism. Joint PEALS/Sociology seminar. Seminar Room, 4th Floor CLB. 4-5.30.

Thanks to Claire Colomb for a thoroughly fascinating and visually stimulating ‘anti-tourism’ tour around Barcelona and Berlin on Wednesday. ‘Our City is Not for Sale’ offered empirically rich and analytically nuanced insights into the social conflicts that circulate through cities in response to mass tourism. The discussion afterwards opened up different aspects of the challenges of managing our shared worlds in contexts of increasing global mobility and intensifying and pervasive commodification of public and domestic spaces.

Our next talk is on Wednesday 10th December when Thomas Thurnell-Read will be reflecting on ‘Researching masculinities and identity in contemporary leisure and tourism.’ This talk is linked to the Sociology Identities research cluster. Please note that it’s a LUNCHTIME seminar – there will be a buffet lunch from 12.15 in the GPS common room. Talk from 1.15pm in CLB.563. Hope to see you there.

Past Events

All past events are listed for your information together with access to the Podcasts of a selection of Sociology Seminars.