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Dr Martin Coward

Senior Lecturer in International Politics


I work at the intersection of International Political Theory and Security Studies and am particularly concerned with questions of war, violence, (in)security, identity, and community . To date my research has focused on the conceptual understanding of (in)security and organised violence in an urban context, particularly the ‘urbanisation of security’, attacks on critical infrastructure and urbicide. My current research addresses the political and ethical entailments of network thinking, particularly insofar as it legitimates various forms of violence. My work is informed by post-structuralist international theory and continental philosophy (especially the work of Martin Heidegger, Jean-Luc Nancy and William Connolly).

From January to March 2015 I was a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University ( and in May 2015 I was a visiting scholar at The University of Groningen (

I am editor-in-chief (with Kyle Grayson) of Politics


PhD in Politics, Newcastle University, 2001
MA in Ideology and Discourse Analysis, Essex University, 1995
BA (Hons) in Communication and Image Studies, Kent University, 1994

Previous Positions

Lecturer in International Relations, Sussex University


Research Interests

- (in)security & political violence: urbicide; cities and war; critical infrastructure security; genocide; ethnic-nationalism; contemporary warfare; terrorism.

- Critical International Theory: identity; community; network thinking.

- Continental Philosophy and Political Theory: Martin Heidegger; Jean-Luc Nancy; Michel Foucault; Jacques Derrida; William Connolly.

Postgraduate Supervision

Hector Bezares Buenrostro

Alicia Harding

Chryssoula Toufexi


Teaching in 2015/16


Semester 2: War, Genocide, Terror: Understanding Organised Violence

Past Teaching

I have taught a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in International Politics including:

  • Global Security
  • The Politics of Fear: Identity and Security in International Politics
  • Globalisation and Contemporary Conflict
  • Ethnic Nationalism, Identity and Violence
  • Contemporary War and Society
  • Issues in International Security
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • Concepts in International Relations
  • Issues in International Relations
  • International Theory
  • Critical Theory in International Relations
  • Focusing On Politics: Film, Popular Culture and the Political 
I have also supervised dissertations at both undergraduate and postgraduate level