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Professor Robin Williams

Visiting Professor



Professor Robin Williams, one of the leaders of the Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Durham University, is Visiting Professor with PEALS from July 2010 until July 2013. The Visiting Professorship with us will facilitate the continued development of his collaboration with PEALS in the area of forensic science and the police uses of the biosciences and bioinformation.  Robin will be working with Jackie Leach Scully and  Erica Haimes).

This work has already received funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Nuffield Foundation (most recently for the study 'The Future of Forensic Bioinformation') and seeks to explore issues such as:

  • the identification of suspects and victims in criminal investigation and the identification of bodies following civil disasters and military operations;
  • the provision of forensic pathology in England & Wales;
  • the exchange of forensic bioinformation between criminal jurisdictions;
  • the use of forensic science in homicide investigations.



Research Interests

Expertise and credibility.
Identity and accountability.
Sociology of forensic science and technologies of identification.

Current Work

Forensic DNA Databasing: A European Perspective

Genetic Information and Crime Investigation: Social, Ethical and Public Policy Aspects of the establishment, Expansion and Police Use of The National DNA Database.