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Professor Mark Shucksmith appointed Director of Institute for Social Renewal

Newcastle University has launched a dedicated Institute for Social Renewal which will be a focus for research into global challenges such as stimulating enterprise, regenerating places and tackling health and education inequalities.

Drawing on the university’s expertise in social sciences, the Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal will examine the key issues facing society today. World expert in rural development and policy, Professor Mark Shucksmith OBE, has been appointed as the new Director of the Institute. Professor Shucksmith is currently Professor of Planning at Newcastle – a post he has held since 2005. He takes up his new role in April 2012.

Professor Shucksmith said: “The challenge of social renewal is more relevant now than it has ever been. We are living in a period of rapid change and many uncertainties and the Institute is particularly interested in how this affects individuals, communities and organisations in important areas such as income and health. We will use our research to provide answers to some of the most difficult questions facing society now, especially in the current downturn, such as those around unemployment, inequality and opportunity.

published on: 21st February 2012