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Dr Loes Veldpaus

Research Associate


I am educated an architect and specialising in heritage studies. My interests lie at the interface of heritage management, cultural policy and urban studies, and my research is focused on past, current, and future management of the historic built environment, and the role of cultural heritage management in urban transformation. I joined the School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape in Dec 2015, after finishing my PhD in the Netherlands (TU/e) on urban heritage management - Historic urban landscapes: framing the integration of urban and heritage planning in multilevel governance.

Currently, I work on PICH, an EU-funded JPI project that looks at the impact of urban planning and governance reform on the historic built environment and intangible heritage. 

I am reviews editor and reviewer for the Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development since 2011, and was a visiting scholar at the Department of Archaeology of Durham University (Oct-Dec 2014) and at the Department of Urbanism of Delft University of Technology  (Jan 2016). In 2013 I was a finalist for the ENCATC - ECF Cultural Policy Researchers Award.


In my research I look at the following areas:

1) past, present, and future management of the historic environment, especially in the context of ‘Historic Urban Landscapes’. Following my PhD work, I am exploring the application of this new concept with heritage managers and policy makers in local authorities;

2) innovating understandings of the process of heritage production, of what heritage is and what heritage does, defining heritage as a practice of using the past for contemporary purposes and as a future-making practice. In the context of this theme I am developing a project on citizen science for heritage. I am working on a project on Brexit and heritage;

3) society and smart urbanisms, consisting of empirical work on policies, participatory practices, and citizen experiences in the Netherlands in relation to claims on concepts as ‘quadruple helix’, ‘smart city’ and ‘living labs’ together with Sukanya Krishnamurthy;

 4) across these areas I work on empirical and methodological development, collaborative and reflective research practices, and I like to experiment with the use of digital technologies.


my teaching includes


TCP7024 : Conservation and the City (module leader)

Guest lecturer MA International Heritage Management at and Durham University

Dissertation tutor TCP3099TCP8099 


TCP7024 : Conservation and the City (module leader)

APL2002 : Alternative practice: European Fieldtrip (field trip leader)

TCP8024 : Consultancy Project (group tutor)

Guest lectures to TCP8911, TCP2023, and APL1001

Guest lecturer MA International Heritage Management at and Durham University

Dissertation tutor TCP3099, TCP8099 


In 2014, I obtained my Dutch University Teaching Qualification (VSNU, TU/e).