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Amber Sofia Roy

Amber Sofia Roy

A contextual and comparative analysis of the uses and significance of British Neolithic and Early Bronze Age hafted stone implements.

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Project outline

Using Neolithic and Bronze Age shaft-hole implements, including battle-axes, axe-hammers, and mace-heads, my research project explores the use and significance of such implements throughout the timescale of their use. As such the research investigates what conclusions can be drawn from use-wear analysis, experimental archaeology, and an assessment of ethnographic parallels to determine what these implements were used for and the significance they held. Within this, it is necessary to assess the extent these implements were used as weapons whilst also drawing on continental parallels to determine any similarities.

The typologies of shaft-hole implements have been developed over the past few decades however they shed no light upon the potential uses, nor does the little contextual information available. Additionally use-wear studies on ground and polished stone tools have developed in recent years, and are now used to gain a better understanding of how tools were used, and thus how they contributed to the economic and social organisation of past societies.
However there is yet to be a study of shaft-hole implements, their uses, and significance, in Britain to date. Therefore there is need for a new collection of data on the uses and significance of shaft-hole implements in order to understand their use and thus their economic and social contribution within society.


Research interests

My research interests are:

  • Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Scandinavia
  • stone tools
  • material studies
  • Neolithic and Bronze Age society

Other roles

IT and Social Media Officer for the Newcastle University Postgraduate Forum

Academic qualifications

I completed both my Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Archaeology and my Masters in Celtic Archaeology at Bangor University.

BA dissertation title - Exchange relationships in the Irish Sea Zone: An examination of Neolithic stone axes in eastern Ireland and northwest Wales.

MA dissertation title - The Hustle and Bustle of a Neolithic Stone Axe Factory: A Focus on Activities at Graig Lwyd.