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Dr Pilar Perez Canizares



Pilar Pérez Cañizares is a Wellcome Research Fellow, working on a critical edition of Hippocrates' Affections.


Hippocratic Studies have been my field of research since I started working on my PhD. My PhD thesis was a linguistic study covering Greek temporal clauses with both the meanings “so long as” and “until” in the Hippocratic Corpus. During this period my field was Greek linguistics, especially Greek syntax, but by making the Hippocratic treatises my object of study I became familiar with topics related to Greek and Roman medicine in general. As I had obtained a research studentship funded by the Comunidad de Madrid, I had the opportunity to visit foreign research centres for short periods. My first stay was held at the Corpus Medicorum Graecorum (CMG) of the Berlin- Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. There I established my first contact with a group of researchers editing Ancient medical texts. In the following years I visited the Bibliothèque National de France and the Herzog-August-Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel, Germany), where I started to work directly with manuscripts. Finally I had the pleasure of spending six months at the Classics Department of the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, (Naples, Italy), where I took part in Prof. Antonio Garzya’s seminars on the edition of the works of Aetius of Amida. Since then I have had continuous contact to Prof. Garzya and to the scholars working on the edition of ancient medical texts in Naples.
Once I obtained my PhD, I continued working on the Hippocratic Corpus with a Postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology. This fellowship was held at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine in London and at the Herzog-August-Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel (Germany). I worked under the supervision of Prof. Vivian Nutton. In this period, apart from my research on Greek syntax in Hippocratic texts, I started working on editing techniques and the history of the Hippocratic texts and its reception. Moreover, during all these years I have taken part in different research projects on the Hippocratic Corpus based in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, all of them funded by the Spanish Reserch Foundation (DGICYT) and directed by Prof. I. Rodríguez Alfageme


Sept. 1989-June 1991 Universidad de Alicante, First Degree in Philology
Sept. 1991-June 1993 Universidad Complutense de Madrid, MA in Classics (Licenciatura)
Sept. 1994-August 1998 Universidad Complutense de Madrid, PhD in Classics: thesis entitled 'Temporal subordinate clauses in the Hippocratic Corpus'?PhD Supervisor: Prof. Elsa García Novo


Research Interests

My main research interests are in ancient Greek medicine, especially the Hippocratic writings and the linguistic and stylistic aspects of Greek medical texts.

Current Work

Critical edition (with introduction, translation and commentary) of the Hippocratic treatise De Affectionibus