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Professor Anthony Birley

Visiting Professor



Professor Anthony Birley is Visiting Professor in Ancient History since 2002. His work on Hadrian, Hadrian’s Wall and on early Christian apologetics ties in closely with Spawforth’s and Moles’ work on Greeks, Greece and Greek literature under The Roman empire, with Smith’s work on Minucius Felix and Capponi’s papyrological interests.


Esteem Indicators

Invitations to lecture:

September 2002, to speak at the Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, Barcelona ('The prosopography of Roman provincial government: Fasti provinciarum').

May 2004, to give the 'keynote lecture' to the annual meeting of the Canadian Classical Association, Fredericton, New Brunswick (title: 'Imperial biography, ancient and modern')

August 2004, to speak at the meeting of FIEC at Ouro Preto, Brazil ('Rewriting second- and third-century history in late antique Rome: the Historia Augusta', now published in Classica (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) 19.1 (2006) 19-29).

September 2006, to give a paper at the Colloquium, convened by Prof. Ioan Piso, entitled 'Provincia', at Cluj-Napoca, Romania (title: 'Britain: the Caesarian and Claudian invasions'; submitted for publication in April 2007).


From 1992 to 2002 I was one of the ten members of the Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik of the German Archaeological Institute, and in that capacity regularly refereed typescripts submitted to the journal Chiron or to the series Vestigia.

For some seven years I have been acting as a member of the editorial committee of the journal Ancient Society (published by the University of Leuven, Belgium), for which I referee articles on Roman history.

Member of the Academic Board of the of the International Network, "Impact of Empire", founded by Prof. Luuk de Blois (Nijmegen), since its inception.