Staff List


Dr Oscar Aldred
Visiting Fellow

Dr Richard Bayliss
Visiting Lecturer in Archaeology

  • Telephone: c/o 0191 208 7844

Richard Carlton
Visiting Fellow in Archaeology

Dr Rob Collins
Research Associate

Dr Andrea Dolfini
Lecturer in Later Prehistory

Graham Fairclough
Principal Research Associate

Dr Chris Fowler
Senior Lecturer in Later Prehistoric Archaeology

Dr James Gerrard
Lecturer in Roman Archaeology

Dr Myra Giesen

Dr Kevin Greene
Visiting Fellow (Archaeology)

Dr Jan Harding
Senior Lecturer in Later Prehistory

Professor Ian Haynes
Professor of Archaeology

Dr Sophie Hueglin
Marie Curie Fellow

Dr Mark Jackson
Lecturer in Archaeology

Dr Sophie Moore

Dr Caron Newman
Research Associate

Colm O'Brien
Visiting Fellow (Archaeology)

Dr Sabrina Pietrobono

Dr Thea Ravasi
Visiting Lecturer (Archaeology)

Alex Turner
Research Associate (Archaeology)

Professor Sam Turner
Professor of Archaeology / Head of School / Director, McCord Centre

Dr Jane Webster
Senior Lecturer in Historical Archaeology and Head of Archaeology