Roman Pottery in the Fifth Century

Roman Pottery

A Day Conference hosted by the School of Historical Studies, Newcastle University

7th June 2012

Romano-British pottery was manufactured and distributed on a large scale during the first four centuries AD. In the fifth century the Romano-British pottery producers ceased production and Britain entered a largely aceramic ‘Dark Age’. The end of Romano-British pottery production is generally assumed to be the result of an economic collapse that was caused by Britain’s separation from the rest of the Roman Empire in the early fifth century. However, this simple narrative is beginning to be replaced by an appreciation that the ‘end’ of Romano-British pottery production and use was actually an extremely complex process.

This conference brought together academics, finds researchers and pottery specialists who shed new light on the role that ‘Roman’ pottery played in the fifth century.

Conference Programme

Research arising from this conference was published in Internet Archaeology Vol 41 (2016)

Contact: Dr James Gerrard

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